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by F.Y.I.

Spend Godly 02:22
"Spend Godly" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Intro: Lounge homeboy you in the Godly Zone Repeat 1x Verse: Leader of the huemans / ya'll best to tune in / channel doubters to that FM / I'm an a**hole to lames / they thought my logo / was a rectum F / Y / I told ya'll / It's gonna be hell to pay / Until you bless'em My 1-2 / Its strictly ahchoos / Meticulous sick spit / Chop up all this game / Till there's nothing but rib tips / No more teeth to grind with / In love with a thick sis / With ridiculous a$$ / tits / Fell up in them guts / And her ticklish giggling / This is no laughing matter / Peep the signs of the times / God's hour is approaching / This today's mathematics / Manute Bol the universe / Block the Earth / Off its axis / They dressed for destruction / Seduction by Tom Ford / Man versus machine / I see these rappers as cyborgs / Advertised fiends / Repeat scenes / Of the glamorized crime lords / Champion of people / Move more like a .org / Top 5 alive / And I moved up four spots more / I'm highly influential / Lead me to place / Where my space is presidential / The mic is my platform / Face is recognized / So I'm feeling a rush more / I'm high on your playlist / Last year favorite / Didn't make it / Cuz his songs about being faded / The storms of life come / I'm never clouded / My cadence similar to the genius of Amadeus / I be about it / Spoiled fresh / They dated / In love with '93 / Gunning for something that they'll never be / A bunch of zeros / Names cornier than Swaggy P / Not hip to it / You old nigs / Wearing baggy jeans / While I stay on my moxie g / And spend Godly Bridge: Spend Love Oh My God Spend Time Oh My God (repeat 3x)
"Who Stole The Soul?" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Dialogue: GOD - F.Y.I. F.Y.I. - Yes, GOD GOD - I have an assignment for you F.Y.I. - Ok GOD - Are you up to the challenge? F.Y.I. - I got you GOD - You're going to hear a lot of stories from the past to the present F.Y.I. - Alright GOD - But you the only man that I can help me find out, who stole the soul Verse 1: It's not a fluke that my name is Faruq / My heritage Arabic / Means knower of the truth / But in the 8th century I refuse / You either master or a servant / Rather steal kill and murder / Than die like my baba / A goat herder / Enslaving black bodies got me further / As far as I can see / They just beasts / In this land I called Zanj / My chaotic action / Took their peace / It was planned Verse 2: Could give a Allah damn / When n*ggers became barter / For years been eating / High on the hog / From they harvest / My hate swims in poisoned waters / For them black bulls / Eyeing my woman / Have they balls for souvenirs / Every single year / I pappy two mulattoes / They fix me supper in the house / I rape they mamie by the cabezo / Parnoid of revolt / I'll cut a pregnant n*gger's throat / In case she carrying the symbol of black hope Verse 3: Brothers and sisters / I'm in the struggle too / In the United Hate of America / What can a black leader do? / Raise a flag to the whites? / We bleeding with the red / Singing all the blues / Been castrated / Incarcerated / Highly sedated / It's '92 / Whole decade / Of crack babies / Felt the plague / Of AIDS / Gangsta Rap rage / Now I need your vote today / I feel your pain / But um keep me paid Verse 4: I won't deny your / Thirst for a black messiah / You drink up my celebrity / To keep your life interesting / On your head / Constantly / More than a widows peak / Selling shoes / Promoting Cars / My lifestyle's the centerpiece / I bring to the table / What the hood is not able / That's economic prowess / The revolution makes me coward/ For criers of freedom / My success is a pacifier / When they need one Verse 5: If they don't assume the position / I'll break their neck on the curb / I serve the state's interest / Protect blue brothers / To collect all of my pension / Love my wife / To f*ck my mistress / Three bodies / In two years / Over 17 suspensions / Never seen the court / That's why I'm called the force / Taxpayer endorsed / Blue code silence / Triple pay when it's riot / Even with a body cam / I'll still be the son of Sam Verse 6: Hey man / Hey bro / I like good vibes / I just wanna know / I'm a sunny Angeleno / Looking for the snow / Bought a gentrified house / Insanely low amount / Bi-sexual spouse / That my cool friends turn out / I'm less of a man / More like a mouse / Addicted to the trap / Turn up turn up / To the ounce / Riding on the wave / Till my soul is the grave Dialogue: GOD - (laughter) GOD - Now that you heard all these stories, and you been able to put it all together, tell me who stole the soul?
"Scape Bro" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) soundbite I am hueman Either they don't know We gonna make it What we been through I am hueman We gonna show We gonna make it What we finna do Verse 1: Why is my skin and my slang / So offensive / Been dealing with the hatred / Since the beginning / Respect me as a man / I ain't kissing no a$$ / To ask permission / O dog please / Who you see as a menace / A n*gga with a hoodie / And a bag full of skittles / A brother on the curb / Trying to serve / A couple ciggys / That psychology / Can make a n*gga go mental / Can't muzzle the truth / It don't belong in a kennel / Speak cloth talk / Like I'm fresh out of FIDM / Not playing a role / For an honorable mention / A slave or maid / Ain't all of my decedents / Same genius / Of the pyramids / Engraved in my pigment / Crosses been burned / Who's the god of that religion ? / For the elephant in the room / Wrote a tune for the poachers / No sir / We finna have beef / Till it's kosher / Woo-sah Chorus: Blame me Blame me Blame me They tried to hang me from a tree on high Who ever is playing God Went all out to make me unqualified The devil's a lie Speak the truth Bear the same cross of the crucified That's real spit Some rose to the top Because they a pile of sh*t Not your scape goat I ain't that monster you think Not your scape goat You know you made that disease Not your scape goal With all that gossiping business Not your scape goat I'm chill but don't get it twisted I'm not your scape bro / No more / No more / I'm not your scape bro (repeat 1x) Get the f* ck out of here Verse 2: Time to cross the blood suckers amongst / On the far side / Running game like Trumpster / Trashing talking they body / Into a dumpster / My God / Will the tide change / If Baldwin Hills brain washed / Ashamed of them black spots / Even Michael / Found vitiligo / Just be normal / Damn / Between demacreeps / And republican'ts / There's a war for the souls of the working class / Listen up / I want Warren's last name / So my fiancé / Can buffet / Off a billionaire's work out plan / Get Money / I got goals f*cker / Quit the assumption / That I've been booked more than thumbprints / Please / Or when I'm on a campus / That I need a compass / Stop with that dumb sh*t / Now Chorus Verse 3 (Sir Jon Lee): F*ck you feelings / History / It's my decision / I won / Am I the hero? / Am I the villain? / This my religious freedom / In capitalism / I reap all the benefits / And blame the victim / There is no reform / I am the system / And you better forgive me n*gga / I am a Christian / Forgive me of my sins / But curse they skin / I'm a savage motherfu*cker / I supposed to win / Your skin is evil / Evil / Darker than black matter / I'm color blind / Don't ask if your life matters / F*ck your culture and religion / All that sh*t mines / And if you ever try come up / I'll be there to gentrify Chorus
Ring Shout 01:03
"Don't Be Afraid (Yatty Tickler" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus: Don't be afraid repeat 2x Don't be afraid baby Don't be afraid repeat 3x Don't be afraid baby Verse 1: Girl you get my pistons revving / Can I make me a suggestion / Let me give you the strong D / Don't call a foul / On my intentions / Why you being so defensive? / We could maybe build a home / If you tear down your fences / Years since I've been to Disney / Ain't looking for no princess / Senseless / For you / To be with a goofy dude / With bad outfits / Your thighs / Is appetizing / I'm eat you out / Them leggings / I know you prefer doggy-style / Because you got them pups begging Chorus: Don't be afraid repeat 2x Don't be afraid baby Don't be afraid repeat 2x Don't be afraid baby Verse 2: Bout to break you down to a science / Love on every particle / Dig a chick with urban taste / Hit up K-Town / For Korean BBQ / We lit off 6 street / I keep it low key / She sitting back like upholstery / Sephora lips make her sultry / We exchange pleasantries / Etcetera / How we doing well / I wanna d*ck her down / Like Moby / I think / She can sort of tell / She's so cool / Off the soju / Open / Shared her story / Read her / Take of articles of clothing Chorus Verse 3: We do f*ck / Like we invented Ike's High School Prom / We do love / Like you got a veil / With an emerald cut on / We do cuss / Because after profanity / You get wetter than a manatee / Spraying everywhere / We naked under the canopy / Baby likes it raw / I am give you that Wu-Tang / In your poo-tang / It's simple can it be? / Girl let's keep on caking / You sweeter than Sara Lee / Don't be afraid / I'm cool with you / If you stay a fan of me Chorus Bridge 1 Guitar Solo Bridge 2: Don't be afraid baby Just let yourself go Don't be afraid in your heart Oh, don't be afraid baby Just let yourself go Don't be afraid in your heart I want to love you in special way I want to please you Don't be afraid Just let yourself go Don't be afraid In your heart
"Wings Over Mid-City" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Verse 1: I ain't finna be broke with you I'm trying see more digits So I can take down Gloesha Chorus: We need wings over Mid-City Verse 2: Moms gave me 30 Day Notice Her tough love Made nig focus I got to hug the block To make a quota Chorus Verse 3: It's either be boss Or stay boof The ghetto gospel Is do you Do I hang with God or hang on? Chorus Verse 4: Heard the splash About ameriBLACKs Being proud of where I come from Hope to God I don't sell scum Chorus
"These The Times (Don't Judge) lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus: These The Times I feel like selling drugs Don't judge I want to ease my mind Mine as well get f--k up Don't judge Verse #1: Sometimes to see / The bigger picture / You have to develop / The negative / Resuscitate our problem / Causing drama / To have a chance / To live / Now it's breathing / On it's own / In the form of / Tamika's late / High rent / And what you owe / Mother Nature can rain / On your parade / Of rejoicing / Father Time reminds/ There's short period / For good choices / So what you do? / Fly with an angel on your shoulder / Or drive drunk with devil / Over a cliff to hang over / Cuz um Chorus (1x) Verse #2: Society's promoting the fast bucks / ad-lib / Then have the nerve / To tell the pigs come and grab us / ad-lib / They want us all soul-less like cadavers / ad-lib / Before you get the lifestyle / Of the rich and fabulous / Mos def / I plan to visit the motherland / But today/ I'm at the tipping point / Of stacking these rubber bands / Do I graduate Cal State? / Or pimp baddies on Instagram / Either way before I hurt / I'll put a doubter in an ambulance Chorus (1x) Bridge: I got the plug ni**a I want to work with you Repeat 3x I want to work Verse 3: I see the hustle / Not here to throw shade / On how you cake / Living off the poor's ambition / Sum Cum Laude / Of the foul play / No admission / Schooled your sister / On how not to unhand me / For the nose candy / Damn g / Became Dexter / For second / Plotting ways to kill / Because you ain't manly / Stop saying fam / We ain't family / Not here to kick it / Like that / I'm not a wallaby / That's wallowing / I'm here to lead / Follow me? Chorus (1x) Verse 4 (Kaye Foxx): Watching from a far / Seeing hustler's do their thing / My city's torn apart / From the foolishness in me
"Blame Me" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) and K. Anthony Dunkley II (BMI) News Reporter Commentary Chorus (Front Page) Struggle like everyday Struggle like everyday More crime and poverty Murder Murder like everyday Blame Blame Blame Me They want to blame Blame Blame Blame Me Sudden blame me Verse 1: Pointed the nozzle to nostril / A day ago / Copped boatloads of bleach / At Costco / After the final shot / Wifey can wipe me up / With Clorox / Beyond hostile / Made death plausible / Felt the weight of disappointed faith / I'm numb to the Gospel / Dreams flushed down the toilet / No your boy is / Feeling sh-tty / Of a self-pity / Wanted to put on for my city / Take my ni--as with me / Now to me / Peace is 6 feet / Not in height / But out of sight / Because pops ain't seen me / Any many moons / Moms ain't seen me / Since they ripped me / From her womb / I was invisible in the group homes / A ghost at them joke schools / For teachers to see me / I had to act a fool / Instead of correction / Turned correctional / Baby boy / No women to experience / Celly tried to give me affection bro / The real sh-t / A ni--a deal with / I had to kill this ni--a / Blood dripped from the bunk below / I'm tired of being a pawn / I'm gone (gun shot) Chorus (1x) Verse 2: In and out of consciousness / I hear wifey saying / Ni--a get your a$$ / You best to stop playing / Minutes left / Of breath / Took some seconds to start praying / I hope she put my son down / He don't need to see me laying / His last memories of me / Should be / I loved his mom / A super hero / More lit than bombs / Not in pool in a blood / A dying daddy / That was a dud / How am I breaking cycles? / When little man's wheels is oiled up? / It's not enough / For them to keep saying / Trust the laws / Quit challenging / For them to keep saying / This nation's good to your family / For them to keep saying / No new jobs to secure your food / And if there is reason to blame / We pointing fingers at you
"The Lie" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus: Does it love me / Or love me not / I done played the fool / For the very last time / My pastor says be strong / I can't keep holding on / To living a lie Verse 1: They fake it / Till you make it / Success is not regretted / But when people make it / It's prosthetic / Lying to self / Becomes natural / For the wrong reasons / Cheating Jesus / For devil's hand outs / They still reaching / What factual? / Is bae's attitude / Connected to / A solar system / She on a yoga mat / High on plants / Stretched for wisdom / Popped a Xanny / Deserted family / Party girl statistic / Implanted lies / About her image / Gives a different picture / Paranoid politicians / Create panic / For the right to bear arms / Guns up everyone's sleeve / How much freedom is ours? / If you in the gym listening / You best believe in these bars / Criminalize my history / Had me guilty as charged / Until I unveiled the mystery / About my story from God / I'm valuable because of Him / Money talk is mirage / Ask Vegas / Nothing sacred / You see it / But you rubbing your eyes / Blinded inside / Loving a lie Chorus Verse #2: Please God / Protect this unborn child of mine / To lead the nation / To the Truth / In a world of lies / The CIA / Can't deny / Cooking cocaine pies / Till everyone in LA / Was strung out / Pulling knives / For a slice of the American cheese / Scranton Judge doing life / Because of American greed / This is business as usual / Destroy a man / While he juvenile / Now he on parole / Burning dabs / Writing raps / Another high high kid / Living in low standards / More alert than Amber / Forever lost / Searching for dad / In the fam / Foolish pride is scam / Murderers test life / When prison's the exam / Missing your son's birthday celebrations / To protect a reputation / For a block / You don't own / 4th grader thoughts / Shouldn't school a man's that's grown / You see it / But you rubbing your eyes / Blinded inside / Loving a lie Chorus Verse #3: The road to the upper class / Did you finish the course? / Entry-level job / Where's a choice / When student loans / Enslave the poor / At UCLA / Cooking Ramen Noodles / With tour de force / Freshmen / Bounced credit cards / Debt is hefty / Sallie Mae talking trash / To box you in / You fighting right / They want an advantage / Going lefty / Continue to write lines full of truth / Over these n*ggas / Yelling death speech / Over trap beats / In the hood / It's body over brains / For kids to entertain / Dreams of being a baller / More than espy / That's lie / No disrespect / To the OG Iverson / He wasn't the answer / Jersey sales / Don't stop the ghetto / From being in handcuffs / Cross dressing boys congratulated / Society says it's elevated / Girls mad / When they have to man up / No comedy / It's time to stand up / You see it / But you rubbing your eyes / Blinded inside / Loving a lie Guitar solo (performed by Charles Glenn)
* interlude track only
Bnce Bck 03:32
"Bnce Bck" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Verse: This is 100 / Please let me breathe / Homies never leave / When a n*ggas bringing trees / Pimp the culture / Vultures tend to hang on my sleeve / I pet the girl / You sweat her / Till she earl / So peeved / Gassed up / For fast bucks / To bad / Your tank / Is on E / You can catch me / At the W / Still off of E-S-T / I have a ball in NY / Everyday is NYE / This is my resolution / Rise above the squalor / A scholar / That can chop it up / With professor's from Harvard / Build with brother's about the struggle / Curtis Mayfield / Telling me to be free / Ghetto life / Narrated from the Impala / The rich push change / The poor war over dollars / Sin business / Is effective / All four quarters / Smoke a ciggy / Swiggy the liquor / Gamble the house note / Car / Boat / My baby's college tuition / Listen / This that notion / To keep down on hoe sh*t / Nothing more / Than f--cking up / You get mollywopped / For being lollipop / N*ggas be suckered up / They suckers for love / Suckers for dunks / Suckers deep down inside / That want to wear pumps / Sweeter than Almond Joy / They batty bwoy chumps / Sprouted in the soil / Where n*ggas ask / Where you from / All that pride / You swallowing / Talk graphic / Like CGI / Be hologram / These new jacks / Can't swing a sentence / Like Duh Duh Man / Out here day and night / About my business / You cuddling / At home with your chick / You struggling / No respect for ya / You are the initials of New Orleans / They just N-O ya / While I got my bounce back / Like I'm back from Nolia / True players never fold up / Doubters better hold Chorus: I gotta a hell of a bounce back / I'm a VIP / Hoes looking for access / Recommended highly / The streets / Go head and vouch that / You can suck your teeth / Till your face is blue and black / Listen / I gotta a hell of a bounce back / It's all in the skin / African / ameriBLACKKK / F-Y-I / That dude / remember that / I bounce / bounce / bounce Repeat 1x Scratches Outro
"First To Be First" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Intro: Growing Up / You hear a lot of things / You know? / But a wise man / Always told me and it stuck with me / Now remember / You don't have to wait on the first / To be the first / And it just stuck in my head Chorus: That's my word / I'm not waiting on the first to be the first / And not matter what / That's my word / I'm not waiting on the first to be the first / I knew / That's my word / I'm not waiting on the first to be the first / It could be true / That's my word / I'm not waiting the first to be the first / First to do it / That's my word / I'm not waiting the first to be the first / To the fullest Verse: 24 hours 7 days with it / The difference between / You Monday through Friday routine / Your lifestyle's weak / Niglets / You a sucka / And a punk / I'm a champ / Not a chump / Why trade in a bed / For a bunk / I like her phat a$$ caressing me / Not a C.O. correcting me / Or cellies lying / About how they got the recipe / Knowing they down / More years than kids with epilepsy / Real ones / Still shake when the gavel drops / We need gangs / To form truce / To battle cops / In a hard place / The oppressed off Pico Blvd. / Between jobs / Sell rocks / A druggie's words jaded / Lower than the rats / Surviving Skid Row / Near San Pedro / Let's move the culture / Push the needle / My cerebral / Feeds the people / Lit off interviews / Tito shots / I make assistant's libido's hot / From Power to 92.3 / Rotation steady / Elite circles / Be on the medley's heavy / Torpedo twitter beef / You a pu$$y queef / To say the least / My niece named Kali / I made where I live / Inspire a generation of kids / True specialist / Year round Christmas / Bring a special gift / As a rapper / Heard what they bumping / Out they car / Is sub-par / Got party crowds / Searching for my bars / I lead them to the ink / So they can drink / Show them stand up guys / Ain't made of lean / More disciplined than Arab Christians / On they deen / Went from boosting Polos / At swapmeets / To reading Malcolm's biography / As a pre-teen / Give me a crown / As young king / All glory / To the Elohim / For making me / More raw / Than Benoit / Fire / Like solar rings / A true player / I trash'em like D-League / She serves me as a matradee / I enjoy her major D's / Game her right to her face / Then smear / Her Maybelline / Lord knows / Don't need no paternity suit / Because I'm eternally cute / In a cesspool of t*tties caught / With her a$$ frame like yesjulz / Chest game / Stronger than Nitty Scott / Been trapping queens / With no fetty wap / But forget all that / In the name of freedom / Yeah / We steady march / Respect / What I represent / Believe God / Then repent / The U.S. / will never be righteous / Until it's right with us / ameriBLACKKKS


ameriBLACKKK is a hip-hop/rap album from Mid-City Los Angeles rapper, F.Y.I. The album features songs such as These The Times (Don't Judge), Scape Bro, and Don't Be Afraid (Yatty Tickler).  The album is mainly produced by Sir Jon Lee, a rising producer and rapper out of Compton; long-time collaborator, Rich Kidd (credits: Drake, Talib Kweli), and New York's very own, 2One2.  To date, this is F.Y.I.'s most definitive account of everyday life experiences of a society determined to elevate themselves and the communities they come from.  In this project, F.Y.I. continues to examine an array of life experiences ranging from racism, love, to mental health issues.  What is notable is, F.Y.I.’s innate ability to deliver quality lyrics on each and every song.  The album’s universal theme centers on relatable experiences as “huemans” and delivers a sound that evokes listeners to champion.  Featured guests on the album include: Sir Jon Lee, Kaye Fox, Ryck Jane, and Front Page.  Kaye Fox, a frequent J. Cole collaborator, also lends her sultry vocals on several songs on the album.  In addition to the soulful melodies, ameriBLACKKK displays bassist, Charles Glenn and trumpeter Ryck Jane’s brilliant musicianship.  This album plans to be the most promising album to date by F.Y.I. 


released May 19, 2017

Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Mixed and Engineered by Charles Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Songs Written By L. Marshall (Heat Lamp Music - ASCAP) except Scape Bro & Blame Me
Scape Bro written by L. Marshall (Heat Lamp Music - ASCAP) and J. Dower Jr. (Johnny Lee Dower Jr - BMI)
Blame Me written by L. Marshall (Heat Lamp Music - ASCAP) and K. Dunkley II for Karl Anthony Dunkley II (BMI)
Beats By Sir Jon Lee except Bnce Bck & Blame Me
Bnce Bck beat by Rich Kidd
Blame Me beat by 2One2
Scratches by DJ Harvey Dent
Horns By Ryck Jane
Guitar by Charles Glenn
Spend Godly and The Lie features Kaye Foxx | Scape Bro features Sir Jon Lee | Blame Me features Front Page
Album Design by Phil Mao
Executive Produced by Yahweh Jireh / Co-Executive Produced By F.Y.I. & Maria Marshall
www.fyipsalms.com or fyipsalms.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved



F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Mid-City Los Angeles, California. His music has went #1 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts. His songs have been featured on hip-hop sites like The Source, HipHopDX, and Okayplayer. He has performed at numerous music festivals like SXSW & A3C Hip-Hop Festival. He has collaborated with rap stars like Ab-Soul and Grammy Nominated producer, !LLMind. ... more

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