Scape Bro feat. Sir Jon Lee

from by F.Y.I.

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A song featured on "ameriBLACKKK" from F.Y.I.


"Scape Bro" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK"

written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)


I am hueman
Either they don't know
We gonna make it
What we been through
I am hueman
We gonna show
We gonna make it
What we finna do

Verse 1:
Why is my skin and my slang / So offensive / Been dealing with the hatred / Since the beginning / Respect me as a man / I ain't kissing no a$$ / To ask permission / O dog please / Who you see as a menace / A n*gga with a hoodie / And a bag full of skittles / A brother on the curb / Trying to serve / A couple ciggys / That psychology / Can make a n*gga go mental / Can't muzzle the truth / It don't belong in a kennel / Speak cloth talk / Like I'm fresh out of FIDM / Not playing a role / For an honorable mention / A slave or maid / Ain't all of my decedents / Same genius / Of the pyramids / Engraved in my pigment / Crosses been burned / Who's the god of that religion ? / For the elephant in the room / Wrote a tune for the poachers / No sir / We finna have beef / Till it's kosher / Woo-sah

Blame me Blame me Blame me
They tried to hang me from a tree on high
Who ever is playing God
Went all out to make me unqualified
The devil's a lie
Speak the truth
Bear the same cross of the crucified
That's real spit
Some rose to the top
Because they a pile of sh*t

Not your scape goat
I ain't that monster you think
Not your scape goat
You know you made that disease
Not your scape goal
With all that gossiping business
Not your scape goat
I'm chill but don't get it twisted

I'm not your scape bro / No more / No more / I'm not your scape bro
(repeat 1x)
Get the f* ck out of here

Verse 2:
Time to cross the blood suckers amongst / On the far side / Running game like Trumpster / Trashing talking they body / Into a dumpster / My God / Will the tide change / If Baldwin Hills brain washed / Ashamed of them black spots / Even Michael / Found vitiligo / Just be normal / Damn / Between demacreeps / And republican'ts / There's a war for the souls of the working class / Listen up / I want Warren's last name / So my fiancé / Can buffet / Off a billionaire's work out plan / Get Money / I got goals f*cker / Quit the assumption / That I've been booked more than thumbprints / Please / Or when I'm on a campus / That I need a compass / Stop with that dumb sh*t / Now


Verse 3 (Sir Jon Lee):
F*ck you feelings / History / It's my decision / I won / Am I the hero? / Am I the villain? / This my religious freedom / In capitalism / I reap all the benefits / And blame the victim / There is no reform / I am the system / And you better forgive me n*gga / I am a Christian / Forgive me of my sins / But curse they skin / I'm a savage motherfu*cker / I supposed to win / Your skin is evil / Evil / Darker than black matter / I'm color blind / Don't ask if your life matters / F*ck your culture and religion / All that sh*t mines / And if you ever try come up / I'll be there to gentrify



from ameriBLACKKK, released May 19, 2017
Beat by Sir Jon Lee [Johnny Dower Jr (BMI)]
written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)
written by J. Dower Jr for Johnny Dower Jr (BMI)
Sir Jon Lee appears courtesy of Court Of Wolves Records
Engineered by Charles "Bass King" Glenn
Mixed By Charles "Bass King" Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)



all rights reserved


F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is a self-described "hueman" on a mission to color the world one song, tweet, and video at a time. His music features groundbreaking beats which compliments the always outspoken and sometimes controversial emcee on new chapters in his journey through life and beyond! ... more

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