First To Be The First

from by F.Y.I.

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A song featured on "ameriBLACKKK" from F.Y.I.


"First To Be First" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK"

written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)

Growing Up / You hear a lot of things / You know? / But a wise man / Always told me and it stuck with me / Now remember / You don't have to wait on the first / To be the first / And it just stuck in my head

That's my word / I'm not waiting on the first to be the first / And not matter what / That's my word / I'm not waiting on the first to be the first / I knew / That's my word / I'm not waiting on the first to be the first / It could be true / That's my word / I'm not waiting the first to be the first / First to do it / That's my word / I'm not waiting the first to be the first / To the fullest

24 hours 7 days with it / The difference between / You Monday through Friday routine / Your lifestyle's weak / Niglets / You a sucka / And a punk / I'm a champ / Not a chump / Why trade in a bed / For a bunk / I like her phat a$$ caressing me / Not a C.O. correcting me / Or cellies lying / About how they got the recipe / Knowing they down / More years than kids with epilepsy / Real ones / Still shake when the gavel drops / We need gangs / To form truce / To battle cops / In a hard place / The oppressed off Pico Blvd. / Between jobs / Sell rocks / A druggie's words jaded / Lower than the rats / Surviving Skid Row / Near San Pedro / Let's move the culture / Push the needle / My cerebral / Feeds the people / Lit off interviews / Tito shots / I make assistant's libido's hot / From Power to 92.3 / Rotation steady / Elite circles / Be on the medley's heavy / Torpedo twitter beef / You a pu$$y queef / To say the least / My niece named Kali / I made where I live / Inspire a generation of kids / True specialist / Year round Christmas / Bring a special gift / As a rapper / Heard what they bumping / Out they car / Is sub-par / Got party crowds / Searching for my bars / I lead them to the ink / So they can drink / Show them stand up guys / Ain't made of lean / More disciplined than Arab Christians / On they deen / Went from boosting Polos / At swapmeets / To reading Malcolm's biography / As a pre-teen / Give me a crown / As young king / All glory / To the Elohim / For making me / More raw / Than Benoit / Fire / Like solar rings / A true player / I trash'em like D-League / She serves me as a matradee / I enjoy her major D's / Game her right to her face / Then smear / Her Maybelline / Lord knows / Don't need no paternity suit / Because I'm eternally cute / In a cesspool of t*tties caught / With her a$$ frame like yesjulz / Chest game / Stronger than Nitty Scott / Been trapping queens / With no fetty wap / But forget all that / In the name of freedom / Yeah / We steady march / Respect / What I represent / Believe God / Then repent / The U.S. / will never be righteous / Until it's right with us / ameriBLACKKKS


from ameriBLACKKK, released May 19, 2017
Beat by Sir Jon Lee [Johnny Dower Jr (BMI)]
written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)
Additional vocals by Charles Glenn
Engineered by Charles "Bass King" Glenn
Mixed By Charles "Bass King" Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)



all rights reserved


F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is a self-described "hueman" on a mission to color the world one song, tweet, and video at a time. His music features groundbreaking beats which compliments the always outspoken and sometimes controversial emcee on new chapters in his journey through life and beyond! ... more

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