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by F.Y.I.

"ONE THANG" lyrics from "Age / Sex / Location" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus: All I need is one shot / To murder you muthf-ckas / Give me one b-tch She'll never want another / This my one life / All in / No breaks Be it / How I see it / In this world of take take / It is what is / No regrets Why the hell should I explain? / Love the world / F--k the world We all wanna bang / Give me that one thang/ I need that one thang Verse 1: Be that So Cal / Royal / Deeply rooted / Organic lifestyle/ Natural I see'em all acting / While I'm being actual / You aint vital to the scene I mean I squint at your background / Rep propped up / Off brands extra'ed out / I'm flame to these souls / A smoking pistola / Warmed up on the yatty / Gladly took the baddie down / Estatic to be drafted / Then I trade her the first round / Stitch all clearance no style / They must go / One whiff of coke / Start seeing they nose grow / Pinocchi-hoes / Thirsting / Pulling at purse strings / My gold standard to heavy for'em / Rather slave'em to Sterling / I'm a sole owner / Tend to share / While they hold her / Cooked up a new batch a slap / Your cheeks feel the aroma / I got it covered / You can't fold'em / Put in that work / You know what time it is Chorus Verse 2: I give you the Living Water / For the sons and daughters / That was brought up / Being tanned from the heat of a semi-auto / Learned to keep a cool hand / Amongst these firearms / OG's salute me / Bravo / My team don't take a lost / Mid-City LA / So I'm a familiar with W's / Don't need to be ridiculed / By the miniscule / In interviews / To find out that I'm really cool / While niggas stay feuding / Over finna-do's / I do it like swoosh / The truth on tour / Is pack light / And shop heavy / Clerks rain confetti / When my credit card slide steady / Hit the stage / Then engage in R&R / Spit game / OK / We play / Menage-a-Thots / A bevy thick Bettys / Ready to boop / When I say whoop / You smelling like Vodka juice / The bum shit you on it / What you make in year, man / We pawn it / Imagine how lies feel/ When this is brutally honest Chorus Verse 3: God wrote my life script / Devilish doubters try to block my scenes / Inventing schemes / To extract flavor from the culture / Then give it to vanilla beans / Doesn't add up / To profit / Because that hop sh-t / Is for those / On those rockie roads / With skin blending in chocalate / Real change starts within / Or remain out of pocket / Throw it up to God until my blessings is nauseous / The game took me on a roller coaster ride / And that's why / My legend's colossus / Refuse to make it rain / Unless them panties is sloshing / Don't confuse me with the troublesome / Bubblegum / Rap sh-t / My nig / I'm really popping / This new year / I'm nuclear / Bomb y'all cucarachas / My Black Flag / Rocks hard / In America / I'm at bat / Etta James rose from the grave / To say / The soul is back / At last
HARD 02:28
"HARD" lyrics from "Age / Sex / Location" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus: This sh-t is hard / I toast to success / Done raised that bar/ The city on my line / Had to answer them calls / Lames had to fall back / 'Cause it's just too raw/ This sh-t is hard / Splash on ten / Baby girl on my cloth / This hoe's on fire from the wrath of a god / Got this sh-t is hard Verse 1: This is hard as lifers / Up in Rikers / Abused by the night shift / Corrupt COs / Toss gas on your a-- / Grab a match / See your attitude lighten / That's cold sh-t / 60 degrees minus / Hard as life in Oymyakon, Russia / Same as dealing with / Dusty black heads / In the ghetto infested / With no jobs / Violence begins to puss up / Hard to muster / The words to tell your 8 year-old seed / That his biological / Is casper in the streets / And his mom's emotionally scarred / So it's hard to love her constantly / It's hard to be nonchalant / My aim when you logging on / Is for girl's emojis to do the Na Na / Niggas rise to the tape / Like it's sun rays / The tide of my wave / Bigger than a blogger's font / Went from hard grind / To everytime it's comp / Laughing at the baller budget pomp / Hard to swallow them bottles / When the rent's due / It's typical / I make the hard sh-t easy / But for you it's difficult Chorus Bridge: DJ scratches Verse 2: This is hard as not having a heart at all / Hard is seeing your momma smoke rocks till her mind disolves / In the bass pipe / Them vampire spirits that live for the night / Cripple ghettos / Then draw blood like phlebotomites / Hard as Romans that clubbed Christ / To kill the light / Hard to listen to n-ggas talk shmurda / But can't kill a mic / Damn ya'll / Rip they tongue out / These b-tches dyke / They flexing stopped / I know you h-es is cramping tight / Period / I'm serious / Show respect / You ain't running sh-t / When I spaz harder than charlie horse / Hard to have strength in numbers / Planned parenting to abort / Hard to believe America loves kids it will deport / Hard to pay attention to Fox News / I can't afford / Still in this world of mess / I bring a message / A star that keeps trekking / My music will teleport / It's spiritual / I make the hard sh-t easy / But for you it's difficult
NO SHX! 03:19
"NO SHX!" lyrics from "Age / Sex / Location" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus (performed by Smalls and F.Y.I.) Opinions is a bad tooth / Everybody smells it / I'm a work of art / God straight nailed it / No eye to eye with doubters / Refuse to see the failures / You can hear it in my voice / I'm top choice with real sh-t / You can hear it in my voice I'm top / Dancehall Sampled Voice / Life's freaky b-tch that'll try to suck me I'll tell ya / But I'm married to the money / We often mate like we British / Kiss my a-- to the critics / Because they don't know sh-t Verse 1: Who is you to judge? / Did an uppercut to 16 / Handed roundhouses out / By age 21 / I beat statistics / Seen horrific / That's a hoe holding a grudge / Crabs try to pull me down / By the barrel of a gun / Salty bout my source of power / Can't disconnect my plugs / Regardless mega wattage / Try to stop it / Get slugs to your carcass / Ended up fossilized / At the bottom of the tar pits / Condolences to your boo thang / Caught her sleeping / It's new day / Fired up off the butang / The news say / We savages / Vindicated by God's laws / Still condemned by devil's advocates / Surrounded by the Udays ain't no question nigga / Who's sane? / Rape the people / Birth corruption / The wicked see no blame/ Feel my pain / Even if your blood is less than 1/8th / Radio need my one drop / Bumbaclot / Rush the club or F'em / We doing it the am over breakfast player! Chorus Verse 2: Built them bridges / Paid a toll for my name / To ring in households / For those on that sh-t / Flying off at the mouth / Get a semtex grenade / Stuck to your index today / Hear a sweet serenade / Of a lifeless body with no reflex / That's for any doubters / Baby ni--as / Or you b-tches / I don't see sex / Weak vets / On a tightrope / Rep turned precarious / They fell off by confidence / They died in they arrogance / Because I'm rawer than Ed Murph / You jerks remain hilarious / Funny style / Cut out of getting pu--y / Like cesarian / Told my chick to grab a cucumber / She not a vegetarian / Broken English / Uncle fiending / Struggle of my heritage / You aint a journalist / Just a cracker with a narrative / Pure haters / With nothing hood about'em / Saying they curators / No different then slave traders / Pushing hatred / On my people trying to make it / Give me compliments / And pay me / Thank you Chorus Nigerian dialect
"OUR WORLD" lyrics from "Age / Sex / Location" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Piano Solo Chorus (performed by Demont "Byg Sexy" Crawford) My lips / Your kiss / My eyes / Your thighs / Our minds / We created a world / My love / Your touch / My grind / Your sighs / Our lives / We created a world Verse 1: Woke up next to you / Felt the closeness / Early Sunday morning / Thank God we devoted / Burnt on f-cking with chicks / Not about sh-t / Nails done / Hair did / The latest outfits / All that glitters / Ain't gold / Needed T.O. / From the Drake sh-t / Stop hollering at banshees / That didn't catch my fancy / Back then / Saw on you on Delancey / This mama mia / At the pizzeria / Had me on some onomatopoeias / You know / What's your name? / Like your features / Theatrics had me pass the meter / You fine / Made you smile / You gonna pay for my ticket / Or we gonna kick it / On some leisure / You said nice to meet you / Are you an artist? / Or a preacher? / Told more like a prophet / That pioneers profit from a speaker / Call me F.Y.I. / Foreshadow or just Lyndon / I'm a show why God made man and woman in the beginning Chorus Verse 2: I feel it in my gut / Deep inside / You not a BM / Remain driven / To get the W at the end / As my wife / We can twin / Identical / Birth a new world / From your umbilical / Saying that I love you / Should be more than drunk syllables / A princess for this prince / A power couple that's symbol / Of God's creative gain / You was bored with the game / Till I sewed you up like thimble / No longer property / All equity / When you sexing me / Use to monopolize / Ways to broad's brains / Till I took the narrow path / Now it's all straight / Gambled on each other / Too grown for childish cheating / A pugilist on your pu--y / It's thriller when I beat it / Days of no sleep on posturepedics / Bout my business / Like Phoenicians / Call me F.Y.I. / Foreshadow or just Lyndon / I'm a show why God made man and woman in the beginning Chorus Verse 3: Used pop chickens / Friday night / With my wingmen / Now we building / On a Magic Kingdom / Told my nigs / I'm out / No mickey mouse sh-t / The better half / Will have my a-- / If I'm Auschwitz / Killing hoes / The days on your period / You bleeding for my company / I'm dead serious / About these sentences in front of me / I been your Top 5 / That's why I stay on lock down / Got the seed to your soil / Your future husband likes to plot ground / No suprise with child / It's all working out / I guess / You need bigger sweats / Schooling little man / Teach'em to stay hungry / Even though we stay eating / Bet/ Told you girl / Set our egos / To the side / Who cares about itinerary / We dont live for the moments / We breathe for the memories / call me F.Y.I. / Foreshadow or just Lyndon / I'm a show why / God made man / And woman in the beginning
HUEMAN 03:04
"HUEMAN" lyrics from "Age / Sex / Location" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus: I'm muthf--king hueman / hueman / hueman (repeat 4x) Verse 1: No mercy / For the fishy punks / Who act coy / Curb pharmacist / Plea Bargain / A rodent that lacks poise / Correctional confessional / Converts in Converse / No joyful noise / Only broken joints / Tatted tears / Remain moist / That's fresh / For you frat boys / Looking like Aykroyd / But wouldn't trade places / With the darker faces / Held up in the cages / Till they ancient / This for shanty towns / To those that's getting down / In mama's basement Bridge: It's the sh-t that makes you feel / The sh-t that makes you kneel / Like Oh My God / I can't deny / The fact that I'm a real / Food for thought / We made to rock / To live our lives so ill / No way you can conceal / Homeboy Chorus (repeat 4 x) Verse 2: Don't molest my thoughts / More than Freudians / Cum on your couch / Eat d--k with that counseling / The Tree of Life / Fountain of Youth / Let me take a swig / Kentucky Fried Blues / Got me in bad moods / I'm seeing depressed cows / Suicidal chickens / You are what you eat / So how you eat is what you living / I'm organic / Literally my sh-t is for the planet / Warning to primates / Evolve or suck bananas Bridge: It's the sh-t that makes you feel / The sh-t that makes you kneel / Like Oh My God / I can't deny / The fact that I'm a real / Food for thought / We made to rock / To live our lives so ill / No way you can conceal / Homeboy Guitar Solo / Bridge: I am the man (repeat 3x) / Do not forget Verse 3: Hunger for my drive / AMG in garage / Speed dial Abella Anderson / To rub me strong / Respect given / Get it off my chest / Still a pawn / Amongst a King / Who made the universe / From a yawn / you gods plotting to have this world with stingy golden arms / Irons lungs question life till they get the c-ancer / Cash rules / Everything around you / Is a lying mantra / Arrested souls in death beds / Going to hell / In handcuffs Bridge: Because it's the sh-t that makes you feel / The sh-t that makes you kneel / Like Oh My God / I can't deny / The fact that I'm a real / Food for thought / We made to rock / To live our lives so ill / No way you can conceal / Homeboy Speech


Age/Sex/Location (A/S/L) is a hip-hop/rap EP from Mid-City Los Angeles rapper, F.Y.I. The album features beats courtesy of Dual Output (credits: 50 Cent). The EP was produced by Charles "Bass King" Glenn and co-produced by F.Y.I. On the energetic EP, F.Y.I. touches on different subject matter ranging from the ills of social media, what is true love, and what it means to be a hueman. Musically, the project features more live instrumentation than his previous work, but keeps with the spirit of raw enegetic hip-hop that F.Y.I. is known to bring. Lyrically, F.Y.I.'s spears are sharper than ever piercing the soul of the listeners causing an increasing discussion amongst rap fans that he deserves to be mentioned alongside the top lyricists of today! Also, the project has a bonus song featuring upcoming Compton emcee/producer, Sir Jon Lee. This EP is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed album, "Yo! The Places You'll Go".


released November 10, 2015

Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Engineered by Charles "Bass King" Glenn
Mixed By Charles "Bass King" Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Beats By DUAL OUTPUT [R. James Frazier/Dual Output Productions (BMI)]
Produced by Charles "Bass King" Glenn
Co-Produced by F.Y.I.
all songs written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)
all artists appear courtesy of themselves
Album Design by Phil Mao
Photography by Marlon "Hightop Bully" Womack
Executive Produced by Yahweh Jireh
Co-Executive Produced By F.Y.I. & Maria Marshall


all rights reserved



F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Mid-City Los Angeles, California. His music has went #1 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts. His songs have been featured on hip-hop sites like The Source, HipHopDX, and Okayplayer. He has performed at numerous music festivals like SXSW & A3C Hip-Hop Festival. He has collaborated with rap stars like Ab-Soul and Grammy Nominated producer, !LLMind. ... more

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