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by F.Y.I.

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THE BUMP 03:20
"The Bump" lyrics from "F.Y.I. Invented Green" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chuck Dizzle Intro Check it out huemans This is Chuck Dizzle Checking in live and direct from Homegrown Radio on Real 92.3 And I bringing you the new splash from Mid City LA's very own F.Y.I. Fresh from his new record, F.Y.I. Invented Green So turn your box up And feel that Bump Verse 1: FYI is the trillest ni**a that you ever heard / Got superb with the words / Used to chill out on the curb / In the ghettoes of California / Where the kids wanna earn / Making money like the players and the dealers with the work / If you black on the block / Then the cops illegal search / Consequences for the snitches / Strictly stiffness in a hurst / Always been about my business / Get more action than a verb / Bi*ches be catching feelings / Then they lifting up they skirt / Get to sexing with the lips / Wink wink / Start to flirt / Then I hit them with that drink drink/ We kiss / Then she squirt / Made her dance up at my house / Now she calling me a jerk / My eyes wide open / Got a ni**a on alert / I'm on fresh off tour / Huemans selling out the merch / I'm good with a milli / Corporations wanna merge / Had to strong arm the moon / Just to plant my flag first / The buzz is legendary / Monumental I prefer Chorus: FYI Be that new type of fly Rolling down the ave And the baddies say "Hi" Mid City LA where I soak up the vibes Text coming through What it do!? For tonight No time be tripping Off the when where or what Make the speakers bump I'm feeling on her bumps The bump Verse 2: Stay having good years / These vets is looking tired / Been sh*ting on these nigs / Excuse me / I'm full of fiber / Turned your throne into a toilet/ For wifey she need it wider/ I like her ass so phat / She need a health care provider / All about my business / Last name should be propietor / Booked up year round / Early days late nighters / You gonna need some adderall / Cup of joe / Highlighters / To study all my shine / Designed like turpentine / I drop gems to make green / Movie like / When I write / FYI be the scene /A leading man / Directed to rubber bands / Featured on your record / Your label's staff / Is my fans / Too good with these spears / I apologize it's my bad / When I reign its more like an avalance / Kneel and kiss the ring / When I do my thing / It's top brass / The only good cops / Is the one found in a car crash/ Them groupies looking better / After I finish my shot glass/ Let's bump Chorus 1x Verse 3: Today's popularity / Is more like a parody / Try mimicking my greatness / I'm a man amongst parakeets / After modeling my video / She was wearing a pair of sheets / You feel in love with Thotiana / Now you in a class for parenting? / Was all in the club / If judgement come / I was perishing / Went from horny every week / To the baddest freak that was heavenly / Amazed at how God works / More than Frankie and Beverly / My influence in the game cemented/ F--k with me heavily / Shots fired in the hood / Aint inspiration for medley / Changed the tune on what's consumed / Weak rappers get felonies / Never miss a chance to demeanor / Social media thugs / That is weiners / Your blocks bluffing / C--k suckers / Pump faking / Posting pics / Next to your homie's beamer at a function / If you dont run for something / Walk for nothing / From the west to the east coast / I've been on that beast mode / Master of the bump / And I don't do it with cheat codes / Let's go Chorus 1x sound bite snippet
"Kill Game" lyrics from "F.Y.I. Invented Green" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus 1x: Quit running your lips You moter mouths That block politic We vote'em out Spray a round Might be bullets over ballots To shut down the yada yada So kill game All you ni**as lame Need to kill game Kill game Kill game Verse 1: As real as it gets / My word and my balls/ These f--kers is soft / As Pau is Gasol / Enslaving more minds / Like whitey's involved / The devil will lie / Men believe it / Then fall / I spring from the Truth / I'm highly evolved / Absorb all my light as I speak to the dark / Quit dogging the hood / Or ni**as will bark / Final warning for good / Or 2pacalypse start / They don't want you with knowledge / Building robotics / More money for felonies / No degrees to college / Malt liqour is pimping a product / Colt 45 shot to your conscience / (Gun Noise) From the wild wild west / How you like me now? / The world paranoid high / Gotta calm it down / Sets push lines / Till they step out of bounds / Radio funds prisons / You wanna act stupid / You in denial Bridge 1: Here you go again With all that bullsh-t Blowing up the spot Ni**a you smoking rocks?! Chorus (1x): Verse 2: Not here to point fingers / Or judge a diva/ You spit out more seeds / Than a pumpkin eater / Your company is / Attached to a muthaf--ka's ATM / Autographs is the past / Just give her that pin / Can't spell Tokyo/ But can speak that yen / Sex revolution / Made her Machiavellian / She's a flip / And it's a means to end / Use to work at Target / Got fools on the bull's eye / All day / Near a poolside on shade / Seen a shark with lipstick / No way can ni**a fend / She draw blood for hurting / The fiendish thirsty / In her wetness / No way can ni**a / Swim / Against religion she following / The cosmopolitan / A gossip columinist / Freaky opportunist / Making war of the sexes Bridge 2: I know you just a tease Living on your knees Another trifling thot Trick you smoking rocks!? Chorus (1x) Verse 3: Living my life / Ni**as / Can't say "a ha" / FYI done fell off / Hell naw / I know these bars like bail bonds / It's easy to be the man / Around these ni--as with dresses and toes rings / Minor characters more than Bokeem (Woodbine) / I'm clowning these homeys / They so sing / Don't call it rap / That's insulting / To A Tribe Called Quest and all the legends before me/ I'm tooting my horn so blow me / F-ck your lane / I'm bowling / I don't run with lames I'm strolling / With trojans / Whether it's for / War or p-ssy / I'm focus Bridge 1 (1x) Chorus (2x)
TRUST ME 03:56
"Trust Me" lyrics from "F.Y.I. Invented Green" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Speech Verse 1: These are the moments that I waited my whole life for / Spit a breather / Wild as zebras / Gaining more stripes bro / Lying in the jungle / Get you lit up like a light bulb / With them bright ideas / Will have you dimmer the fugas from Ikea / I'm Cali approved / Internationally revered / So I get appalled when ya'll / Talk beastie / Diarrhea out the face cheeks / Your free speech is feces / I'm here to hush it / Bout to wipe Jacksons with my a** man / Just to flush it / Barbershop talk / Beating you in the head / And ain't trained in percussion / Listening to my cuts / See my b-tches / Feel the line-up / No Lebron James dames / Where's edge? /You is a whiner / Another pseudo celebrity / Semi-somebody / Standing next to the man / That's close to the man / With the plan / A f-ggot n-gga who's camp is all a--holes / You rap about money / With no cash flow Chorus (1x) Trust Me you lie about what you got Damn it's disgusting You run your mouth See your a** in public fronting Trust Me I'm out here doing me You's a groupie Trust Me More Legacy with celebrity Trust Me Look into my eyes Realize I'm so serious Trust Me God forgive the sin I'm a share my soul with in Trust Me Shook the world to it's core Trust Me Verse 2: Now now / The barber said he cut / The dentist say she flossy / The contractor blowing deals / The hoeish skills costly / An Aussie went down under / A CEO from Sierra Leone / Gave her the mandingo / Burned his bridge / Is what she did / He rushing for the AK-47 / Pumped to shoot like (Andrei) Kirilenko / All about her paper / But she still work at Kinko's / She burnt like acrylic nails / Ruined by the kush roach / Dogging men / B*tch is mean / It's official / She had some wienerschnitzel / Fast food attitude / Her drive is through / Typical programmed by E-Channel / Idolize famous housewives / To Kimmy / All about the late night / F-ck around / With every Jay, Dave, and Jimmy / Trying to Papoose / The next star in the booth / She lost in the Remi / Drama queen acting / Worrying about M-E / Reality show slave / Tabloid pickinney Chorus 1x Verse 3: Can't break down or destroy me / Boss up against situations / Till them struggles became my employees / It works in my favor / Shirts say "love haters" / Makes you a catchphrase / I'm past that stage / Varsity starting/ 8th annoying / I'm on 3 / Gone off the homies / Special medicina / That negro / Ginkgo biloba / Reminds me / You's a hoe cuz / Your work is minimal dog/ Them hands is soft / A tinkerbell sounding off / Spot a fairy / By his mannerisms / From the jump / I had a plan and vision I'm a man who's risen to sh-t ashes piss flames / An emcee more vivid than 3-D / Above levels that are plane / Off to better days / The perfect 25 hours / Won't catch me beat down like Ed Norton / Say I'm not dope / You snorting Chorus 1x
"Legend of G.O.A.T." lyrics from "F.Y.I. Invented Green" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Verse 1: Never to be done / Or outwitted / About business / Devout witness / See me break records / And sip Guiness / My opinion has dominion over minions / DJs fiending for the needle / For the jam / That I am penning / The all-star that goes hard / You ni**as is no innings / Career pending / Not needed like an appendix / Your wife is thot / She thought my d-ck was on Pintrest / If eyes is the windows / To the soul / These flows is windex / You're hearing the hottest / On your panasonic / A God complex / Yo! The Places You'll Go / Made me Adonis / A herculean / Yatties / On the Dewayne Johnson / Paid sponsoring / Getting love / By top conglomerates / On my joints / Ni**as roll up / I don't burn slow / I blow up / Come in something clean / You ni**as toe to toe / With a tow truck / I'm birthing stardom / Now all these kids wanna show up / Now what / Put your hands up! Chorus 1x: This for you and yours I'm killing sh-t Feeling no remorse Inspired ya'll So the hood support Straight up off the porch To stages where they don't speak the language You heard the news of this front pager No contender I'm the top ranker From now on Its all C-O-D word to G-O-D This the Legend of G-O-A-T From now on it's all C-O-D This the Legend of G-O-A-T Verse 2: Peoples champ / Bigger than Pacquiao in the Phillipines / A giant killer / King David on these Phillistines / The panty charmer / Stay in the loop / More than karma / Brionni Vanquish suits me well / My skin battle tested armour / Inspire youngn's with no fathers / To the mamas / Barely older than they daughters / Alive in the ride / Loving the lines from product / God put me on high / That's why my name / Is always brought up / F-ck mere survival / My name ain't viral / Cuz of them pigs that assault us / I'm building up hoods / Till good from my sawdust / Keep laying the wood / Killing the p-ssy / Making coffins / Due broke n*ggas pocket watching / My bank statements / Lead the play for reparations / From 1600 Pennsylvanny / Feeling like Obama's / Last day in office / Who could blame me? / A Golden State warrior / Cook more splash / Than Curry / Notes past dope / It's GOATworthy Chorus 1x interview excerpt interlude


F.Y.I. Invented Green (FIG) is a hip-hop/rap EP from Mid-City Los Angeles rapper, F.Y.I. The album highlights the lead single, Trust Me, and intro track, The Bump, produced by a staple in the Los Angeles' beat maker world, Dale Danja. The bouncy track, Kill Game, was produced by an up and coming producer named Truth. Lastly, Rich Kidd (credits: Drake) a frequent collaborator of F.Y.I. blesses him with a banger called Legend of G.O.A.T. to round out the record. The title alone brings interest to fans from the very start. FIG is the follow up record to F.Y.I.'s last project, Age/Sex/Location, which became the #5 most added record on CMJ's College Radio Charts. FIG continues to lay the foundation for what many in hip-hop are learning to understand more and more about F.Y.I.'s artistry. For one, it's creative; and for two, it's inventive. Single handedly, FIG convinces you that F.Y.I. invented green and all the dope sh*t that comes from making it and seeing it in the world.


released August 19, 2016

Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Engineered by Charles "Bass King" Glenn
Mixed By Charles "Bass King" Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Beats By 1 & 3 by Dale Danja [Dale Maurice Griffin/Cheapskate Music (ASCAP)]
Beat 2 by True [no society]
Beat 4 by Rich Kidd [R.Acheampong/Ritchie Acheampong (SOCAN)]
all songs written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)
all artists appear courtesy of themselves
Album Design by Phil Mao
Executive Produced by Yahweh Jireh
Co-Executive Produced By F.Y.I. & Maria Marshall


all rights reserved



F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Mid-City Los Angeles, California. His music has went #1 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts. His songs have been featured on hip-hop sites like The Source, HipHopDX, and Okayplayer. He has performed at numerous music festivals like SXSW & A3C Hip-Hop Festival. He has collaborated with rap stars like Ab-Soul and Grammy Nominated producer, !LLMind. ... more

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