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by F.Y.I.

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Yo! The Places You'll Go Lyrics: Speech Verse 1: 7 pounds 6 1/2 ounces/In the flesh/Pure fresh/My annoucement/On the 16th of June/I assume/The moon bowed down/The heavens made room/For a new star/Same blood/Of those who found hope up North/Strange love/Made me a product of divorce/By age 4/I could hold down fort/Tents out of blankets/Saw pops on the weekends/These custody arrangements/America the plaintiff/Dark pigment/Makes most defendants/Crime lords lose they religion/It's hard to keep a drive/When you got a DUI/The vowels of life/Can have you stuck on the why?/Forgive me Lord/I owe you an explanation/Why I had them waiting oh so long/Now the whole world finna sing my song/C'mon Chorus: Yo! The places you'll go It's the places you'll go (Repeat 4x) We bout to go right now!
Gatekeeper Lyrics Chrous: This is the tale of a hero/A man amongst boys/Slick with the tongue girl/I taste you get moist/Make bodies shake/Feel the Spirit/Joyful Noise/24 hours 7 days/It's a choice/Ni**as better work it out/These bi**hes getting personal/All open/Caught up in the moment/We the owners/Get rid of all you jokers/Holding keys/Wait till you get a load of me/Yeah Ni**gas/Wait till you goet a load of me/I keep going (repeat 6x) (Scream!!!) Verse 1: Glad to reach an altitude/Where everybody's comfortable/To bad it's at a height/Where air mask ain't fully functional/Started off a humble dude/Ideas ignite/Then it took flight/Easing off of free lunch/Cheesing on lunchables/Forever bully ni**gas with bullets/Permanently wedged in they underroos/Came out the womb to win/Pitying grown men/Born to lose/The blind lead the blind/Wonder why they don't see it/A child of The King/By His Blood/ I had to be it/Been walking on water/Only fear can make me sea sick/In a city full of heathens/Hoes popping for a nigga/Gangster for a g-list/Damn I wanna lick her/Hope she hears my olde english/Walk a fine line/Between insanity and genius/May utter/Shit that's gutter/For a mother/To say you fucker/My son became a cutter/Cause he ain't slick with the stutter/As you is Chrorus (1x) Verse 2 Been on the planet/To manage/To see the famished/Get handed/A knuckle sandwich/Big brother on the antenna/Anti-Christ/Splice skin for the scanner/Basic instructions before leaving Earth/God's sons better man up/Bet you know/In the U.S./I'm more UFO/Like hillbillies abducted in Montana/Go lamp in French Guyana/Cooling in a hammock/Next to a chick/Her hips/Riper than bananas/A picturesque mistress/Hanging on my words cause its canon/Blueprint/Is too legit for bullshit/Niggas wanna flash the hammer/I'm a planter/Not working for no peanuts/Flow is nuptial/Biters lose in a prenup/Walk a fine line/Between insanity and genius/The instant vintage/Um/F*ck your opinion/My two cents/Colder than Finland/Start frenching your girl/Then cuss you out in Finnish/Ni**as Chrorus (1x) Bridge words sung in Arabic My ni**a needs keys to the city tho! Verse 3 Dearly beloved/Gather for the matrimony/Raise a fist/Slap the Police/If they flased on your domepiece/Brutality is a fee/Ghetto stuck on the sublease/Released from Twin Towers within hours/Hoodies hide/The pride of homies/99 cent from stashing work/In they chonies/Lead the sheep to slaughter/Cells be the cloning/It's gone take more than a dolly/To lift a nig's polly/Ain't no stopping/What I'm clocking/Watch me tick/More than time on Tourettes/Sets wanna trip/But I ain't into losing steps/New car smell/Slippers don't touch on reupholstered/From CEOs to soldiers doing Folsom/They see that I'm chosen//Walk a fine line/Between insanity and genius/gifted versus conviently wrapped/packaged for consumption/Herpes infected/Is the only way you bumping/Suckers
I'm bigger than 10 worlds I'm bigger than 10 worlds FYI n**a bigger than 10 worlds Hook: If this town is just like broadway than let me take the stage Verse 1: Years ago/this little nig repped I.E/ made examples of samples/of thieves who try to/filter my dreams/close circles/till I'm out the loop/they goaltending/into preventing my happiness in full pursuit/I'm smiling now/turned it around/on the frowns of these clowns/see I did a hula hoop/catch me in the season of perfection/more than Don Shula/beyond Hooters/the wise owl/dont prowl/to trick on chickens with leggings/here to franchise lives/autographs casts/the sickeness of legends/on the job when your head nod/thank God I'm infectious/became the nexus/the connected to your next shit/trapped in the booth with flames/shame there are no exits/abendego syllables/coal/the diary fiery/irony is/the kid cooking but dont burn up/grounded by legal issues/it had no roots/so I turned up/the kush's greener/so it seems on the other side/real movements dont sit down and occupy/dont take much to get'em warmed up between Hoover and Union/elders call it backfires but the young'ns know it shooting Hook: If this town is just like broadway than let me take the stage I'm bigger than 10 worlds Verse 2: Feel like freak with God nature/a tornado turning Brooklyn/is there more to fame/than a hurricane of on-lookers?/brewing in witches britches/at a function hunting bushes/jigging being chimpish/your hits is bricks/blame the swishes/cats came with static/taped'em up/only hisses/fabricated lying has semi-thug's pride enlisted/sadistic Cristal Methuselah mentality/on a 40 ounce salary/the ratchety get it twisted/because the flows feels/as oatmeal/want a cold deal/this instant/genetics be kinetic on record/lead the people/to draw to new heights/on pen-cil/erase bogus nigs' energy from my light/with no po-tent-ial/to be on/go ahead and bug me/be gone/get smashed on the windshield/novacane lames try to work a king's nerves/to die over money/is the only way they earn/these flunkies better hide/before I call out the Jekyls/aim at a niggas head/dead with a bloody freckles/retarded uncouth rawness, the .38 Special/In the J's walk in a blue jacket/leave with the red meshcoat/thats the fresh coast. Hook: If this town is just like broadway than let me take the stage Im bigger than 10 worlds
LIKE ME 03:47
Like Me Lyrics: Chrorus: Let them pants sag off of Fairfax/Been splashy/When rocking Air Max/Shit/That's a ni**a like me/Word/That's a n**ga like me/Know how to get it on the block or the office//Minor issues/Major goals/it's accomplished/Yup/That's a ni**a like me/Fo'sho G/That's a ni**a like me Verse 1: Life and death in the power of the tongue/So I'm a be wealthy, healthy, forever fresh with it/Yup/Glad I worded it/Stamps spent at VONS with moms/These kids need encouragement/For the immigrant/Off of Alvarado/Tweaking that SS card/For a job/Not selling avocados/I highlight verses in the Bible/To pray out of setbacks/In America/We feeling like wetbacks/Swimming up sh*t's creek/Policial wolves/See us as mince meat/They don't want us with no papers/Bend rules/Might break them/Cause I got lofty ideas/To be with an awesome b*tch/In a loft next to Staples Chrorus: Let them pants sag off of Fairfax/Been splashy/When rocking Air Max/Shit/That's a ni**a like me/Word/That's a n**ga like me/Straight lamping PYTs on the couches/We smoosh/They push/We all smiling/Awww/That's a ni**a like me/Pimping/That's a ni**a like me Verse 2: Drunk off of confidence/Naturally I got swerve/She like a ni**a's drive/Stick shifted around her curves/Her highlight champagne/The booty meat/Bubbly/Hit her with that different stroke/The poke could be dudley/Damn I meant deadly/Smashed a half a hour/Little Dragon on the medley/A sweet tooth for her sweet spot/Quicker then Enoch/We in heaven/Cute b*tch/Sweat up leather in a her Fiat/Till her knees knock/she use to rooster juices/All she want is cock/Oooh wee/I be that pirate/On the private/Girl give me the booty/Forget your man/She said OMG/To get over him/Baby get under me Chrorus: Let them pants sag off of Fairfax/Been splashy/When rocking Air Max/Shit/That's a ni**a like me/Word/That's a n**ga like me/Born leader/Gladiator/Shared the soul/Defeated Satan/Kept my faith/In God's control/Amen/That's a ni**a like me/Believer/That's a ni**a like me Verse 3: Came in fully covered/F*ck a mink on/Eyes gage/As I engage/This cold ni**a/Been raw/The memoirs/Of a street activist/Well rounded/Never been dumbfounded/By squares burnt out more than menthols/That infantile style/Had'em develop in state pens/Nightmarish state greens/Woke up in a daydream/About birds chirping/Instead of time served g/I'm a serve a purpose/Feel me/Velcro poetry/Stuck on dominance/I'm not pollying/With ni**as/Not eating like a Somalian/After the Tsunami hits/Off shores/It's evident/You's a has been/I'm an ever since Chrorus: Let them pants sag off of Fairfax/Been splashy/When rocking Air Max/Shit/That's a ni**a like me/Word/That's a n**ga like me/A black male/Can be overused/Under worked/Misguided/Indicted/Love's what's deserved/Real talk/That's a ni**a like me/Hueman/That's a ni**a like me Brigde: L.A. Portland Houston Dallas Chicago Denver Saint Louis Detroit (That's a ni**a like me) Philly Richmond Charlotte Atlanta (That's a ni**a like me) Miami New York worldwide ni**as everywhere just like me
The Weeknd Bridge One time/Two times/Yeah this dedicated to all the hardworking folks out there/Whether you at school/Chilling listen to you ipod/Or you work/Turn the dial up/This for ya'll/It's the weekend/Check out Verse 1 Friday night/A brotha gonna lay low/Dirty Sprite/Get right/Move like armadillo/The homegirl from the Rhino/Came to spin like some vinyl/Bout to tap on her spinal/She had my vote/After she climbed them polls/TNT TNA/Had my fuse channeled/The homie in the stang/Busting jokes to the store/Near the park of Echo/Eses off the drank/Being four locos/Slap boxing showing out/In front of high school hoes/The leader of the squad/Went blah blah/On the verses/Wanted a ni**as blessing/My suggestion/F*ck cursing/Flicked it up with they hyenas/To show'em real person/This is C-A/How we hang more than curtains/Ballers on the weekend/Break bank/Not hurting/Workers be hot/Catch cold/On purpose/Free for all/In Palm Springs/Trampoline/Jump-Offs/For certain Chrorus Thursday is here/It's just one day to go/Should I flow with my folks/Or just lay on the low/Then on Friday/I'm ready/Let these games begin/They say that time is money/Don't know where it's spent/On the weekends Verse 2 Saturday/Who gonna pay me a visit/Whipped on the bisquick/Green all around/Counter looking like Christmas/Blow the bomb sh*t/Mixed omelettes and spinach/Get it/Call the dog's neice/She from Long Beach/She in love with a ni**a/She like doing my laundry/Slid a song to her purse/Yeah I did it so calmly/Sunk her teeth to my record/To my style she bonded/Picked the ring up/Said unc/This hot sh*t/F*ck a project/On crip/He house flows cuz/Plus apartments/The coast need pros/No tools as artist/He was sold on the ring/Like he balled with Artest/Fresh forever daily/Thought this weak/Would never end/Basic common sense/If you a follower/You lack a following/On the late night hype/At the club/Straight hollering/The weekend Chrous (Repeat 2x) Verse 3 Sunday/Eyes to the sky/Praise God/Thankful/That ni**as like me's not/In the county, in the clinic, or the coroner/The block go hard at night/Until we mourning'em/One minute drinking with the homies/Next minute pouring'em/Liquor in remembrance/For the ignorant/Sh*t they do out of boredom/Do dirt/Can't believe a tweet/Better yet/You record it/Gamble with your life/Like San Manuel/Ni**as/Wanna rot in a 6-8 cell/That rigamortis/Ain't gorgeous/I love the freedom/Of the weekend/Be a head like Portis/I dumped tragedy/Then flirted with transition/Now I'm f*cking triumph/And I love what she write about me/In the magazines/On the blog screen/Middle finger to the doubters/I'm obsene Chrous (Repeat 2x)
Yeah...so you got the keys to the room? I want you to touch me You know what I saying, you getting kind of close I'm feeling it You like that? I like it too... Yeah Verse 1: Petite freak/In my suite/Puffing purple swishers/I po' it up/You drank it down/Without a hic-up/Bout to staple my love/To your middle then pin-up/This ain't an accident/How we in the bed/Bent up/Remember?/You show your tattoos/That's how the naughty starts/Stroke my paintbrush girl/Let's do some body art/Back to take my seat/Enjoy your concert/A superstar/I'm a explore your space/With my rocket launcher Chorus: It looks like me and you/Kiss slow/Put legs up Yeah we touching In a room with a view/Faded imagination/Where's the camera? Damn we touching We burning incense slow We burning incense slow We burning incense Verse 2: This is round two/Around me/You in my circle/Cover your back/By your neck/Going slower than turtles/I'll make your hair run/Rip them tracks/I wanna hurdle/Over them thighs/To my surprise/You kept it in like curfew/I came to work/Going hard/Have no excuses/Two lyricists/In the sheets/Making beautiful music/Unlike them ratchet songs/Where your ex-dude was rapping ish/I'm into catching ladies/Not trapping a bitch Chorus: 1x repeat Verse 3: Grab that incense/Light it up/We done burnt this room/1 on 1/ Intimate questions/It's an interview/I'm inspiring/She hiring a hood type/We painting the town red/It's about to be a Suge Knight Chrorus It looks like me and you/Kiss slow/Put legs up Yeah we touching In a room with a view/Faded imagination/Where's the camera? Damn we touching We burning incense slow We burning incense slow We burning incense We burning incense slow We burning incense slow We burning incense Bridge: It's that black love/That kush smell/That money green/You know well/The energy is on sale/You won't/I won't tell It's that black love/That kush smell/That money green/You know well/The energy is on sale/I won't tell/I won't tell Burning Egypt...Patrulli...Jasmine...Sex on the Beach...You flexing on me...You flexing on me...Burning...Burning...We burning...Burning...We burning...burning...
MIND BODY LYRICS Verse 1: Who getting smacked/Damn near close to 3/Slutty C cups/Grinding all over me/Her thighs touching/Mind F*cking/Deep up in her ovaries/Fantasy/Of Catholic skirts/Bout to give her schooling/My ruler came out/She said put a foot in it/The paragraph smash/Of course a nigga indented/Splash fly/The right brother/Always inventive/The street dweller/Tell her to put my name on genitalia/The pink panties dropped off blue stellas/From my accapella/Hussies feeling lovely/Over my body like a snuggie/Baby girl yanked the dickies for a quickie/Too young/She getting huggies/Saw a cougar cruising for some boozling/Thick boned legged/Exercise on Kegel/Fellatio Pro/Her hole/Creaming like a bagel/So no time for the booga wolves/I ain't liking/And no time for the baggage/A nigga stay flying Chrorus: No need to rush/Fired up what/Pu**y/Power/Paid/Is what a nigga what/It slow winds around my mind on the daily/The mind tricks the body/Body makes the mind crazy/Pumping in the brain/Everyday/Insanely/The mind tricks the body/Body makes the mind crazy/Bout to lift off/In my thoughts/I'm spacey/So the mind tricks the body/Body makes the mind crazy Verse 2: F*ck it/This my last day starving/Sprint up in Chase/Make the tellers/All martyrs/I'm heartless/Gain the trust of my partners/Before I part them/Slip say "money through the wireless"/B*tch you make a move/Plan for early retirement/Product of environment/Body chopped up/Sold guts to the black market/Fugitive target/Won't tug a war/With fed time or faggot psychiatrist/Dome piece screams/Fade to black/I'm hearing sirens/Obama mask/He blamed for all/Perfect disguising/No honor amongst dobermans/It's a bad moon rising/I creep the solamente/Till FBI thinks I'm chilling in/Chula Vista with the gente/Gone before/Fingerprints/Go to an intake/You best to acknowledge/That I did accomplish/Without an accomplice/Straight murderous purpose/Don't mind that I body sh*t Chorus (1x) Verse 3: Never thought it could get lonely at the top/My lungs full of thin air/Before I speak a word/Niggas know they should've been there/Zone be exclusive/For sharks and seducers/I google chat/Aristocrat/CEOs/Producers/Child's play/Evaded tax/IRS blues clueless/Popeyes when the drop flys/Engine too brutish/Smell like new money/From me/Reeking pure arrogance Chorus (1x)
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Verse 1: All hail to the honorary/Bums niggas try to come up like Tyler Perry/I'm a marksmen/Having marching more than Aries/You no cheese niggas be intolerant for dairy/God give rest to the weary/It's hell on Earth/Streets study that theory/Crystalized minds/See the genius so clearly/Hood takes lives/In the summer nights yearly/Fear me/Fuck what you heard/Too absurd/Not to hear me/Haters low key cheering/Came through/New roof/Yeah/Guess I'm in the building/That rawness/Numb shit/Fuck your feelings/Gone off a zone/You can thank them dealers/The world stay high/Till its burnt/Not appealing/10 steps ahead of the predators/That prey more than TD Jakes/Cut the grass/On they ass/Till I see them snakes Chorus: It's like that that Guns in the air now Clap Clap No money anywhere so Stack Stack Get blowed in the background Crack Crack Dead with a beat down No U-Turns in the street (wow) Oh, you'll burn in the sheets (ow) Muthafucka dead from the heat (now) Whole damn party in the streets (wild) Verse 2: Hit the planet like a meteroite/Any hood/USA/Be the seediest heist/Walk away for a minute/They be thieving your Nikes/God forbid/They can live/Like a Midianite/Next to an Israelite/It's the unholy mixture/Right about the wrong things/As a teen/You was mixed up/Word to scripture/Looking for a right of passage/The mack slipped/Now you on catfish/Scavenged/Scuffed up/Full of them drug bruh/A has been/That hasn't/Seen a warm bed/Or a home cooked meal/Sell the body/Catch a body/Shit get trill/LA/PD/Pigs/Try to make a nigga/Squeal/Roll up on victim/Like 6-4 wheels/20 years later/City broke up still/Guess time don't heal/To die off slowly/Is a act of the will Chorus 1x Bridge (performed by SMALLS, a Nigerian born rapper/singer) Verse 3: In the middle of the city/Be hoodsters/Mobsters/Hipsters/Coppers/Real life monsters and goblins/Pimp it out hard/Without using a goblet/Streets be wizardry/Avoiding all OZs/No place like a bong/At a college/Home sick/ Broke students/Search for a fix/In the ghetto near you/White boy paranoid/Peeking through the rearview/Clap Clap/React/Hand to hand/Ritual/Greenlight/A fiend's right/Watch for the signal/This time the yellow/Came after the red/All for a $10 bag?/Gone to the after life/Niggas ain't acting right/Low budget thugging/Like a "B" movie/It's time to be moving/Off the Crank/And the Dank/And the Drank It Up/The Coke/Herion/And Paint Thinners Chorus 1x
Rattrap Lyrics Chorus: Everyday is a test/When you strive to succeed/It's a challenge/Trying to balance/All your wants and your needs/So many ways/That will lead you to the greed/Trapped up in the maze/Getting dazed/For the cheese/And/I got homies in the rat trap/Sh*t/My ex girl's in the rat trap/What/I got fam in the rat trap/And I don't want to get caught up Verse 1 (F.Y.I.): Excuse me if I'm bugging out/Believe me/I'm a do the right thing/They tried to copy my skin/Ain't found the right ink/Shaved the stresses in my life/Put the stubble in the sink/Some huddle in the street/Just to get a quarter back/The troubled young geek found the answers in the trash/More robbing less giving/To get ahead of the class/Gold diggers don't mind if you focus on the a*s/Most niggas that rhyme/Don't get boatloads of cash/And that's a fact/It ain't the end all to be all/Putting it together/Like a blind man/Working a jigsaw/Truly it's puzzle/Little homie at the drive thru/Said something/But his voice sound muffled/He want to tongue tussle/With a model from Brussels/I'm telling you cousin/The trap never was joke/To get out/Is the realest sh*t/I ever hoped Chorus (1x) Verse 2 (F.Y.I.): Dead or alive/He's 135/Soaking wet/Storms of life/Had him fighting the tides/Dumb luck/Foolish pride/Got dirty laundry smelling moldy/Beefing with him team/It seems/He's venomous as Kobe/Redeemed hustler/Quick to say/Homie don't you owe me?/Little mama is 5/Daddy no ride/He cried as she asked for pony/It's a merry go round/Of the lost not found/In a world so controlling/Sell or spam/Sh*t/Some forget to be promoted/Digital Age/The grown is deleted/Two tylenols/From not waking up/From the evening/This young money world/Wheezing/Seeing pools of red/Hadiya (Pendleton)/Drowned in her bleeding/Hard to smile in the trap/When you desperate for the cheesing/Bread scarce around my way/Might jack a paid vegan/You are what you eating/Baby steps/To get out of debt/I guess we all teething Chorus (1x) Verse 3 (Early): Many fell off the deep end/Trying to get the gwap/You not satisfied with the boat/So now you want the yacht/See/Now you gambling/Rolling dice/Yahtzee/But you should be happy with what you got/You could have a canooe/For bread that will never mold/And cheese that will never melt/You bartered the ultimate/You sacrified yourself/It's in my blood/I gotta fight/I gotta hustle nigga/I'm out here opening doors/You can't knock my hustle nigga/I took risk/I rather slit my wrist/Then take a hit/My uncle fell ill/To the ills of the streets/I know/But I'm immune/I'm fly/I'm dope/I listen close to my nigga/I hope he got the antidote/So we all get a rope/Either a lasso around your goals/Or hang if you don't/It's either sink or swim/So put your chips in/Only you can win/But no rat trap/Big enough/To catch a hueman
SUCH IS LIFE LYRICS Chorus: Such is life/Ain't a joke/Hardy-har/Grinding/Got to get it/When you living/Out your car/Such is life/Break up/We love again/She liberal in the bed/About her bread/Like Republicans/This is days/This is weeks/This is months/Years in the making/Better give it all you got/Such is life/I win/You probably/New day/Another doller/Man/That sounds like the lottery Verse 1(F.Y.I.): I was born black/Read into it/I hope it helps/I was born rap/Repeat a statement in itself/Thanks to the motherland/The DNA is obvious/The B of A fraudulence/Charge what you got up in your wallet/The question remains/Why you slave for the profit/Don't trip off no Afghan/Uncle Sam got you hostage/Working in chains/Since the days of colonist/The Star Spangled/Strange fruit/Bizarre angles/War between a Light God and dark angels/The youth become zombiefied/Playing versions of Halo/Ungrateful politicians/Scheme votes from the thankful/Every Sunday on them games/But your name ain't on the payroll/I'm here to make some waves/Sale around the world/Make you feel it in your navel/Can't be out here/Killing brothers/Because I'm able/To see the misguided/In my own likeness/Saving you is saving me/Break the ghetto cycles/As a youngin' my favorite rappers was signed to Relativity/God made me a king in His Word/Physically/Foreshadow/MC squared/Literrally Chorus: Such is life/Can't fall for the okie doke/Hot box today's problems/Now tomorrow's dreams/Is up in smoke/Such is life/Might bus it just to hound her/Met her friend June/Had to smash it 'cause she's calendar/This is days/This is weeks/This is months/Years in the making/Better give it all you got/Such is life/I win/You probably/New day/Another doller/Man/That sounds like the lottery Verse 2 (Rich Kidd): They say you only get one shot/Like Marshall/i'm impartial/I came into life/Fully loaded with arsenal/And I don't take it granted/I'm a simple man/I all is need is thick chick/To make me a sandwich/Miracle whip her a*s/Into shape/I'm about to do it damage/She said no mayonaise/Alright a little bit/Street buzz rapper life/Oh yeah I'm living it/The drugs/The violence/And drama/I had to live in it/You get what you give out/Karma/It took a minute/Just to figure out/What it all means to be/On this Earth/What's my worth/Who is G-O-D?/Man I'm looking at the sky/I wonder what's my purpose/Straight C minuses/Teachers labeled my worthless/I'm from a block/Where the hoes come refurbished/Niggas work the curb/Blow/Weed service/Cracks on the concrete/Cracks in they palm/Drive thru fast food/Buddy move along/Smoking on the high enlightenment/That Buddha wasn't on/Trying to put my parents,siblings, and my cousins on/That's a d boy life/Niggas try to get wicked/But can't kick it like Leroy Knight/They'll be alright/I like my women in air flights and spandex/You're jeans all tight/You niggas rocking mandex/This is the plan/To tour all the these foreign lands/And bless all these foreign chicks/While you die/Your dick in your hand/That's life Chorus: Such is life/Quit a job own your business/You killing'em with profits/All your doubters is eye witness/Such is life/He came with game/About a ring/She went on one date/Ended with a babyseat/This is days/This is weeks/This is months/Years in the making/Better give it all you got/Such is life/I win/You probably/New day/Another doller/Man/That sounds like the lottery Bridge: Such is life/Such is life/You might get left/If you ain't doing it right/Yo!/You hating on mines/F*ck your life! Verse 3 (F.Y.I): Out on a limb/Still reach for the Holy Father/One eye sleep cautious/Beefing jaw prints/Menace picnics in district/The shot gun offense/Turn receivers to cold slaw/Off Slauson/Underachievers/Rat more than possums/Harsh realities of rawness/Empty trojans stuck on a daughter's carpet/Made by daddy's jizz/Is the stench of generation's foulness/Make you nauseous?/Back in the day/Circle K/Downing OE/Slowly/Just to vomit/Black out more than Amish/Anderson Coop/Knows the truth/I keep the biz/So honest/She swallowed the first date/I appreciate the fondness/Wake up niggas/It's a new day dawning/Not by accident I'm in the drivers seat/Popped on the tv screen/Quicker than air bags/Scent of my cologne/Stay smelling like jet lag/B*tch with the grizzly t*tties/Wants me to bareback/Less than about an huh/I can't take that/Dough gets worked/A nigga feeling chips ahoyish/Grown man presence/Fresh faced looking boyish/Box office smash/Recognize that my draws big/Now get off my long d*ck
Chorus: All this little back and forth/We just to need to knock it off/I just want to/See you smiling/As the sun will shine it's rays/Love will conquer rainy days/You will always be my family Verse 1: To opposites attracted/Made her spirit such a magnetic/Got more bitter about her habits/Insanely still had to smash it/Washing tears away in ashes/Stained in the Chevy fabric/Salty in the face/Wondering where my Mrs. dashed to/Had her all over the wood/Turned her tattoo to bamboo/Oooh/Got chills when we laid up in the room/Tanric dancing we assumed/You girl Vanessa wasn't arrested/When she woke up/From our lack of silence/She spoke up/Slid in bed/And said/She liked they way we vibing/A long list of moaning/I'm owning/For moments private/Supported family gatherings/The sad thing is/No native tongue/For me to rap/A weakness/They treated me sheepish/Because I'm black/Me and your pops remained toxic/I smashed his only pumpkin/So for nothing/Didn't squash it/Moms nearly lost it/The news of mini-you/Gone in a trimester/She wanted security/Protection Bridge: Memories are forever/When we are together/And it makes me wanna to sing Chorus (1x) Verse 2: Probably can't imagine/Or even fathom/How deep you loves goes/Single for some years/Mom and Dad/You'll played both roles/Raised a couple uncles/A doctor to be specific/Arrogant d*ck at times/Your little brother Richard/Family feuds/Sibling rivals/Difference of opinion/Won't bite your tongue/Chewed it off/You sewed it back/Stitched it/Late calls/Sounding drowsy/How we need forgiveness/You got my back/Even with a ruptured discus/The common struggle/Of black families/In the US Census/My first Valentine/Swear you made of Hershey's kisses/Nearly blacked out/When Marc told me the old spot was the trap house/Memory lagging/Money sagging/Homeless being assed out/Forever stormy days/Hard to say what a son would do/Give a right spleen/Some Visine/Just to be seeing you healthy/Animated spirit/More colorful in the light/Bigger than a world/Black and white Chorus (2x)
King Technology Lyrics: The time has come for America to hear the truth (Martin Luther King Jr. speech excerpt) Verse 1: Fellow huemans lady huemans Ameri-blacks This is F.Y.I. I want to talk to you about one of our most deadly killers in the world today I had a vision the other night as I was posted in my living room As I zoned out, I started dreaming I dreamt I walked in a place I saw lights flashing, screens blinking, words being typed by the minute And I found out it was technology That deadly drug that goes in your brain He said I came to this world for the sake of man's ego Ever since then I been worshipped by the people My little black microchips boost ships into space Within seconds information is replaced I'm a world of power, yes, all of its true Use me now and you'll know it too I can make a wimp kid be a cyber bully I can make a preacher forget his faith fully I can make a husband cheat on his wife Send a pedophile to prison for the rest of his life I can make a man revolt on-line Televised burning of flags Make girls sell they bodies for likes and hashtags Some think my invention is the definition of evolve But I'll teach you how to make and distribute the next school bomb In cell phone cases I found my way From player palaces to cells upstate I'm made in Asia, consumed in the West Respected worldwide where men will invest I take my addicts and make them happy, angry, cry Then they search for a blog to show they suicide So be you white, yellow, black, or Mex I can make heterosexual high schoolers confused about they sex So now, now homeboy, you go on, play that role Keep logging on to your favorite page To you lose your soul Now delusion is taking you from under my wing You like to read about conspiracies of the Illuminati Now you sitting there, in a chair, blank stare Where you got your attention for hours without a care Some is spoiled, comfortable, got fat, lazy Rather live in a made up world, then live in a real one, it's crazy Cursing each other, texting foul speech You can send any drunk thought when you in my button's reach Now you in the comfort of your own home You became a czar to your destiny Fear not young man or woman, I'll be there when you lonely Don't be afraid, don't run, I won't crash Sure my name is technology, you'll see that I'm moving fast Trust, you're hooked, your foot is on the pedal Hurry up, step on the gas, and ride him cruising For the digital car of technology will ride you to confusion Confusion Will ride you to confusion Until you are lost (Amen), lost brother,lost This is a revolution of the spirit Get your mind unplugged And go live for real That's the plan
ONLY ONE I GOT TOO LYRICS Chorus: Excuse us Lord for the way that we live/It's hell fighting for heaven/Through the trials and tribs/Seen it all/Bout to fall/Sh*t is hard/When you tired/I mean tired/But f*ck it/I'm a map it out/Live another day/F*ck it/I'm a grind it out/Find another way/When it's all said and done/I feel like the only one/But I got too/I just got too Verse 1: Mommy's first/Daddy's second/Straight from the heavens/A sweet demeanor/Cinnamon complexed/Left the keys in the ignition/Of the intersection/Her mind at a crossroads/Blood stained on the car door/Life seemed to drag/As her lips/Kissed a Marlboro/Talent misused/Bitter issues/10 weeks of texting BFF's/Wondering if they really with you/5 years built a rep/With some neighborhood peers/Silent pleas/To look at me/Fell on deaf ears/She thought in anger/They won't think it's cute/When I am forever mute/No more stories/No more worries of stardom/Or how to keep herself buzzing/Times up/She was committed to her fate/Tragically/Death was her husband/Heard a whisper once/Go ahead a jump/Heart racing/Step by fatal step/Hands on the rail clutching/50 feet/She let it go/Nothing Chorus Verse 2: He in 9th grade/All A's/Proud nerd/Introvert/Few friends/Quiet/Reserved/A stand out/Wearing big brother's hand me downs/6-7 super awkward/not a stranger to the gossip/Had an eye for one girl Autumn/A crush that rose from concrete/He thought love would've blossomed/Damn she too popular/He hung with agnostics/Black goth kids in Compton/(Man) the hood wouldn't sponsor/He posted responses/The lunch line ni**as yelling out weirdo/For a year bro/Sometimes he wished he banged/Instead of liking fangs/A lost soul/Screaming change/Like we back in '08/Like it's Colgate/He put the steel/In his grill/This a cold fate/Would his people miss him?/Become trending topic?/Get a picture at the bottom of the year book/Light gone/Candle dim/Whoosh Chorus Bridge: How can I live when the pain doesn't go away I'm closer and closer and closer to fading Caught myself all out there living my life just living my lie How can I live closer to fading
Chorus: I want to show you/How we do/Just to get you wired/We load'em up/Shoot'em up/Smoking'em Up/Who's dope as us?/We load'em up/Shoot'em up/Smoke'em up/We dope as fuck Repeat F.Y.I. aka Foreshadow (Verse #1): Welcome to major league big ball/Manute Bol/Too tall/Foolish n*ggas/Fool ya'll with Foosball/Saw'em dancing/Soft and cuddly/While I'm romancing/Beautiful flows/Against Foes/Often ugly/Grimey with it/Step out of tubs/And see patterns/Ears ring/Astonishing buzz/Keeps me on Saturn/Light Years/Ahead of these bars/So I'm a handle'em/We eat the weak/Tell these tortillas nias/It's a wrap/No pitiful penmanship/Lost souls stroll the globe/Searching for genesis/Get wisdom in an aged word/Far from a caged pterodactyl/I was meant to crack you in fly fedoras/Bright feathers/My life is Barnum Bailey crazy/Freaks with tight leathers want a spanking/I smack her dominant/And turn her ass dominatrix/Fiends asking Foreshadow can you help us?/We see your splash n*gga/Michael Phelp us Chorus 2x Ab-Soul (Verse #2): You know how we do/Oversee you/Are we top dawgs or bald eagles?/Hiipower in your mouth/Shoelaces in your ass/Especially if you print my name without the dash/In between the b and the s/And I ain't taking no BS from no b-iatch/You know me man/The worst thing you can do is think you have a chance/That is unless you playing monopoly with your friends/Then I'd understand/As for this rap thing/You wouldn't kill a bowl of cereal/I'm the Son of Sam/I'm CRUCIAL/Who's dope as us?/We dope as fuck?/We stick'em up/Then we sprinkle sodium on open cuts/Ab-Soul and Those Chosen/You need to quit/Close colon/No shit/Wait/One Moment/Who's dope as us?/We dope as fuck/You running low on dopamine/You'll never be as dope as me....SOUL Chorus 2x KornBread (Verse #3): Critically acclaimed/Soliloquies of flames/No pity for these lames/In the city of the gangs/Shush-bang!/Any opposers/Watching for the cobras/Keep'em on they toes/Like some corudroy crokers/Something like Jonas/In the belly of the beast/Told the homies that I'm on it/Put the own its on me/I'll never come back with empty hands/I bring heat/OT on a mission/Blowing grams of some keef/To my tribe I'm chief/They call me Cochise/On some Coolie High fly sh*t/But poppa don't preach/To these prima donnas/Battle ready/No kinks in armour/4 Finty popper/Goonie/Cyndi Lauper/Cause time after time/N*ggas want to test your kindness/So I'm coming for they pride/Leaving with they hyenas/Never look behind us/I live in foresight/Clairvoyant Amethyst/An uncut diamond Chorus 2x Japetto (Verse #4): Developed an addiction for the lines that I wrote/Customers on every coast/O.D.'ing on every quote/Provide the right prescription/Supply and Demand/This high quality brand/Got fans waving they hands/The sound of my voice/Can take your lady friend paradise/Check the record/One track can change your life/From zombie to angels/Fitted caps to Kangols/We be the connect/Ya'll n*ggas chase rainbows/Fear the storm/Those Chosen beyond the norm/Beat junkies with a habit/Wack n*ggas been warned/See and feel the magic every time we go on/Craving/The vibe of the song is strong/You leaving spaced out like rocket/You hear the logic/We have substance/You get abused when we drop it/You want it we got it for whoever needs a fix/Catch me after the flow/You know they move quick


"Yo! The Places You'll Go" is a hip-hop/rap album from Mid-City Los Angeles rapper F.Y.I. The album features production from Grammy and Juno nominated producers such as Iz Avila and Rich Kidd in addition to the soulful aggressive sounds of Dual Output. The project also features a guest verse from Ab-Soul, Rich Kidd, and Early. This album is a blend of hard hitting soulful grooves mixed with thought provoking storytelling and "Top 5 Dead or Alive" lyricism from the outspoken and controversial emcee, F.Y.I. This album serves as a soundtrack for anyone that experienced life's cycle of tragedgy, transition, and triumph, but decided to live to as victor over their circumstances and not a victim of them.


released May 7, 2014

Recorded @ 3783 Media Group (Los Angeles, CA) and King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Engineered by Jon Famous, Nick "Bishop" Schwindt, and Charles Glenn
Mixed By Charles Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Tracks: 1,3,9,13, and 14 produced by DUAL OUTPUT [R. James Frazier/Dual Output Productions (BMI)]
Tracks: 7,10,11 produced by RICH KIDD [R.Acheampong/Ritchie Acheampong (SOCAN)]
Tracks: 4, 12 produced by BOONIE MAYFIELD [S. J. Vaughn/Solomon J. Vaughn (BMI)]
Tracks: 5, 8 produced by K_WIZ [K. Laboriel/Kenny Laborial (No Society)]
Track 6 produced by SHLOHMO (all music composition rights reserved to H.Laufer/Wedidit Collective)
Track 2 produced by IZ AVILA [I.Avila/Isaiah J. Avila (BMI)]
all songs written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)
all artists appear courtesy of themselves
Album Design by Phil Mao
Executive Produced by Yahweh Jireh / Co-Executive Produced By F.Y.I. & Maria Romero
fyipsalms.bandcamp.com / www.facebook.com/fyipsalms / www.twitter.com/fyipsalms / www.fyipsalms.com


all rights reserved



F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Mid-City Los Angeles, California. His music has went #1 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts. His songs have been featured on hip-hop sites like The Source, HipHopDX, and Okayplayer. He has performed at numerous music festivals like SXSW & A3C Hip-Hop Festival. He has collaborated with rap stars like Ab-Soul and Grammy Nominated producer, !LLMind. ... more

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