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by F.Y.I.

"Boom (Ream Ni--as Don't Die)" lyrics from "Herecember 20NOW" written by L. Marshall (Heat Lamp Music - ASCAP) and K. Dunkley II for Karl Anthony Dunkley II (BMI) Chorus: Adams and Crenshaw Ni--as make moves Mid-City live action Better than pay per view With the shits Early with it Before it hits the news By the time the cameras roll It's all boom boom boom boom Verse 1: You a skip and a jump from being a punk Negligee away from being gay I see through you chump Quit pissing sitting down on the toilet and man the f-ck up Broke ni--as nag about they wallet no matter the time of the month A homicidal rhyme recital fans ain't bleeding enough More than imported vinyl to the Japanese "Ohayou" I be knowing what's up I get draws off "Kon'nichiwa" She down to smash even with the Kotex Made her sign a waiver then she bounced seeing no checks Built for these bars studio more like Bowflex My jams on the radio haters feeling are insulted Hard to read me your education was the culprit Product of the crack era I can see your diagnosis Fetal alcohol court involved mind dissolved from momma's dosage I don't rest my case till the casket drops and they close it Constipated attitude taking no sh-t Chorus (repeat 1x) Verse #2: I understand mane you made a little stain in the game I'm here to proclaim your spot's over Drunk off success I'm barely sober The balance between enlightened as the ayatollah And rubbing on some concha while flying in a Porsche Lotus My season year round where the crown for 20NOW Swear to God ni--gas getting your hoodies on Because like September prepare to fall Bars raw enough to maul ya'll like pits in gallerias Keep the game on it's tippy toes more than ballerinas The culture's savior a walking Professor Xavier Charged up more than X-Men making magazine freshmen Sh-t on themselves old geezers I guess they were seniors They words empty as the bogus POTUS and his Breitbart demons Backwards crackers I'll be the hacker to get your alt-right deleted The voice of voiceless undefeated Chorus (repeat 1x) Bridge (Reggae Chant) DJ Scratches
"The Logos God" lyrics from "Herecember 20NOW" written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP) Chorus: In the beginning was The Word and The Word was with God Then He came to me and said ni--a get on your job You gots to write your way out (no excuses) You gots to write your way out In the beginning was The Word and The Word was with God Then He came to me and said ni--a get on your job You gots to write your way out (you got the juice) You gots to write your way out Verse 1: No stopping the / Mid-City philosopher / I'm Genghis Khan / When the mic is on / More than conqueror / Like the gram I come on strong / Bullets massage flesh / If you rub me wrong / 40s poured when you dead and gone / It's shame that a man's life eulogized over St. Ides / The Klan invested in malt liquor / To laugh at ya'll ni--as / Arizona tall cans / Train kids to drink early / Yes it's all planned / If cancer is hell on earth / Then we all damned / Naw / God got the bridge / He said F.Y.I. I made you to live / Plant jewels in these seedlings / That's positive / F-ck up the world / Till your pee stings / That's figurative / I'm cleaner than the Center of Disease Control / Baby sauced up by my bars she need a blow / She hornier than a trumpet / Because I'm a player that's triumphant / n-gga Chorus (repeat 1x) Verse 2: Let's grab Uncle Sam by the pu--y on some Trump sh-t / He's still not my president / So f-ck the name dropping / The game huddled around me for leadership / I'm calling on the options / Respected from LA to BK / All coasts / Get NFL owners' side chicks legs up for me like a goal post / In the zone / Running through the holes / Oh well Odell / I'm snatching up your hoes / More righteous then Kaepernick / US antagonist / Snatch governor's collars / But a hero on this rapping sh-t / Most of this hip hop is buttocks / Little nigs glued to the YouTube for gluteus / Mumbling and fumbling over words / Bro the foolishness / Blame the school districts / For graduating illiterates / Make these crack babies kick rocks / A pop star is code word for writer's block / My pen jot the Top 5 Spot / From the life's octagon / To winners' circles / I won't stop Chorus (repeat 1x) Verse 3: My gift unorthodox like a Jew that's Messianic / Tested in the life / Got my blessings / Feeling brolic / They say millennials is colic / Spoiled babies that went to college / I did the knowledge on the beats / I got a Ph.D / In being hotter / I vibe off a record player / Sweet Angel / Anita Baker / Damn I miss my mama / Beyond woke / It's insomnia / I'm on it more than flockers off of Normandie / Normally / Looking for the stash box / In the Bahamas / Silk Pajamas with a laptop / The workaholic with no days off / I went to the White House / Serving cocktails that's Molotov / I'm in my bag / F.Y.I. forever shine / I make the winter sad / More soul than a negro spiritual / Make'em free at last / The only ni--a from the century / To inspire artists and the fans / My words turn to numbers / I'll take money over tweeting hashtags (Yeah) Chorus (repeat 1x)
Ammosexual 04:16
Ni--a get your hands out my pocket Chorus: I gotta gun in my hand and I'm feeling like the muthf--cking man (yeah) I gotta gun in my hand and I'm feeling like the muthf--cking man (yeah) Don't make get live ni--a / Don't make me smack fire to you Don't make get live ni--a / Don't make me blast fire Verse 1: Congratulations / Proud of the little homie / College bound after ceremonies / Finger f-cking tenderronies / After Grad Night Mama saved / Since he was 8 / For that dorm right? / Textbook answers / Don't prepare for what life is / To birth a dream / Abort a nightmares / Being woke / Is where knowledge begins / Slanted eye high as they keep ni--as off they Zen / To villanize / More than Kylo Ren / Instead of weed / I rather read / Keep my mind free / From being locked up by Vape Pen / Skated on then ice to the guap / The black face mask racist goals I stopped / We run track & field / But in the class / How we learning how to get up off the block / Poor education / Achilles heel / For real / Thank God for Joseph Clark / Once the mind is spark / We more lit than chemicals / Knowledge is the new burner bro Chorus (repeat 1x) Verse 2: Fear's the main ingredient / In the recipe / For rest in piece / Marinated with hate / Could turn an office feud / Into co-workers being bar-b-qued / Murder prime time / On the evening news / 8 to 11 / 24 hours / In less than 7 days / Fear can make you weak / A reason a geek / Sees a phat a-s turns the other cheek / Fuel for the athlete / That won't hang up his cleats / Chose to die for the game / Then live in an anchor's seat / A powerful weapon for centuries / Before the invention of US Benjamins / It's all about tribal survival / Since the Bible / Jews versus Gentiles / Africans versus their European arrivals to they shores / An influencer of culture like the Moors / Phobias seeping out the pores of the insecure / On all fours crying to The Lord / Robber by the headboard / Screaming face or gut / Either or Chorus (repeat 1x) Bridge: Come along with me if you not a f-ck boy And you on your grizzly Sing along with me if you stay strapped up And you rep your city Verse 3: They say God made man / Guns make'em equal / This is the evil / That's preached from most southern steeples / Non-whites felt a hate crime's whelps / All over the Bible Belt / NRA spells triple K on police chiefs' lapels / Violence they'll pin it on you / No matter if you a 6 figure ni--a with education that's formal / Appetite for destruction made normal / It's sacrilegious / Not to bow down / To the 2nd amendment / Quentin Tarantino entertainment / Flip the bird to love / So there's enough fingers pointed for the blaming / Bodies leaking / Keeps the economy draining / The hood angry shooting folks like them / I saw self hatred aiming / A Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum / To make 500 toe tag'ems / Of random bystanders / Handsome bullets / Make flesh ugly / Cripple a muthaf-cka / Now a wheelchair's his buddy Chorus repeat 1x Monologue
SYS 04:26
"SYS" lyrics from "Herecember 20NOW" Bridge: I've been waiting oh so long Then God told me I was blessed Then I got on I've been waiting oh so long Now I'm on Chorus (repeat 1x): Shoot Your Shot / Go ahead / Shoot Your Shot You done waited too long / So I showed up / Then I showed out Shoot Your Shot / Go ahead / Shoot Your Shot 2nd Bridge That's a hunndo / That's a muthaf-cking hunndo / The rain came down real slick / Ni--a gonna need a poncho That's a hundred / That's a muthf-cking hundred / Got the yatty so wet in the spot / Bout to swim in they stomachs Verse 1: Stay sleep on these rap ni--as / snooze / sauce dripping from my cup / I ooze / She winked at me once player / She choosed / It's uncomfortable / for you to believe that she ain't that prudish / And wanted me brutish / Drinking her vaginal juices / My Jedi mind tricks / Direct the game more than Lucas / God gave me space to blueprint / You nosey muthf-ckas / Better get out my mucus / The pen game incredible / Legible / She a champ / That don't pass on edibles / I do it for the homies / Doing time that's federal / We all on borrowed time / A ni--ga gotta embezzle / I got a case against Amerikkka / I finna settle Chorus (repeat 1x) 2nd Bridge (repeat 1x) Verse 2: They throw salt when I been in the cut / I raise the bar / Like I'm doing chin ups / It's banana clip spit / When a gorilla erupts / You're whole squad pu--sy / You ain't finna nut up / The pride of these rappers got'em lying to cubs / The youth grow slow / Because they dying from slugs / OG's grill missing / Sold his teeth to the plug / He cry everyday / No photo ops for Unc / Pine box results / When Xans myths debunked / My psychology / Novelty / In the age of following / I make head spins for bredren / For ni--gas 15 to ni--gas 4 times 10 / Breath of fresh air / Better than Ephedrine Chorus (repeat 2x) 2nd bridge (repeat 2x) Rain sounds Guitar solo
"Drink On Me" lyrics from "Herecember 20NOW" Monologue: Hey baby I know you're getting ready to leave There's a snack in the kitchen if you're hungry And I made your favorite drink It's nice and wet Just like me Chorus: Sweetness with the coke bottle shape Dirty Martini flirting She texting for weeks about sex on the beach Lord have mercy No need to be thirsty Let's drink it up right now Bubbling Baby Bubbling Baby Bubbling Baby Bubbling Baby Bubbling Baby C'mon on Let's drink it up right now Verse 1: Ooohwee want you to do me / No lie / Your onion booty / Made a ni--a's / Eyes water / To overprotective fathers / Texting daughters after 12 am / She giving me heaven for the hell at home / I'm just saying / Senior year I made her favorite song / All night long / She waiting for me to drop balls / In her beer pong / In the moment had her foaming in the thong and / She reciting C Breezy / In staccato / I like her vibrato that was banging from the bottle / Freaky sh-t / Emoticon arousal / Fingers cumming / Text an eggplant / Toss your salad all summer / Naw leave that for your ex / Oh he was an a--hole / Spill your emotions baby / I'll pour you a glassful Bridge: Let's cha cha / To the sunrise / You and I / Tonight With sippy cups / We pour it up / You top shelf / I'm being real Chorus (repeat 1x) Verse 2: Your homies hating from the jump / Remember when we met up / Arrested your heart from the first pump / They thought it was a set up / I said "hi" / They rolled they eyes / On some ni--a please / Bitter chickens wanting you to be a side piece / You took a risk with / Proved I wanted more than your biscuits / Bad ting / Driven to get your bread up / Hungry for a king / It seems queens can get fed up / You shot down suitors / Then I took your ammunition / Cooking up for the future / Pots and pans in the kitchen / The homie say I'm spoiled / We sacked up sipping Crown Royale / Supreme diva / Let me be your teacher / Let's have a coronation / Over Coronitas Bridge (repeat 1x) Chorus (repeat 1x) Verse 3: Went from Minute Maid to Fruit Punch / To TMZ wanting to know / How we do brunch / And like my mimosas prefer you bottomless / Love it when you tipsy / Because your head / Be the sloppiest / Baby is the business / True partnership Bridge (repeat 1x) Chorus (repeat 2x)


Herecember 20NOW (H20NOW) is a hip-hop/rap album by F.Y.I. of Mid-City Los Angeles, California. The focused and concise EP does not hold anything back as it pertains to its lyrical content and production. With stand out tracks like, "Boom (Real Ni**as Don't Die)", produced by Grammy nominated iLLMind and "SYS" by Compton rapper/producer, Sir Jon Lee; the listener’s attention is immediately grabbed in the present moment, yet gives them a glimpse of what the future has to hold.

As a testament to consistency, F.Y.I. delivers another thought-provoking project for the fifth consecutive year since releasing his first solo effort, “Yo! The Places You'll Go". F.Y.I. describes this album as a moment in hip-hop that will make an impression on the culture for the remainder of 20NOW.


released November 30, 2018

Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Mixed and Engineered by Charles Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Tracks 2-6 Written By L. Marshall (Heat Lamp Music - ASCAP)

Boom (Real Ni--as Don't Die) written by L. Marshall (Heat Lamp Music - ASCAP) and K. Dunkley II for Karl Anthony Dunkley II (BMI)

Scratches by DJ Harvey Dent on Boom (Real Ni--as Don't Die)

Additional Vocals by Joelle Sahar on Boom (Rea Ni--as Don't Die)

Monologue by Celeste Scott on Drink On Me

Horns By Ryck Jane on Ammosexual

Guitar by Ewen Williams on SYS

Album Design by Phil Mao

Executive Produced by Yahweh Jireh

Co-Executive Produced By F.Y.I. & Maria Marshall

www.fyipsalms.com or fyipsalms.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved



F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Mid-City Los Angeles, California. His music has went #1 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts. His songs have been featured on hip-hop sites like The Source, HipHopDX, and Okayplayer. He has performed at numerous music festivals like SXSW & A3C Hip-Hop Festival. He has collaborated with rap stars like Ab-Soul and Grammy Nominated producer, !LLMind. ... more

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