These The Times (Don't Judge) feat. Kaye Fox

from by F.Y.I.



A song featured on "ameriBLACKKK" from F.Y.I.


"These The Times (Don't Judge) lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK"

written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)

These The Times
I feel like selling drugs
Don't judge
I want to ease my mind
Mine as well get f--k up
Don't judge

Verse #1:
Sometimes to see / The bigger picture / You have to develop / The negative / Resuscitate our problem / Causing drama / To have a chance / To live / Now it's breathing / On it's own / In the form of / Tamika's late / High rent / And what you owe / Mother Nature can rain / On your parade / Of rejoicing / Father Time reminds/ There's short period / For good choices / So what you do? / Fly with an angel on your shoulder / Or drive drunk with devil / Over a cliff to hang over / Cuz um

Chorus (1x)

Verse #2:
Society's promoting the fast bucks / ad-lib / Then have the nerve / To tell the pigs come and grab us / ad-lib / They want us all soul-less like cadavers / ad-lib / Before you get the lifestyle / Of the rich and fabulous / Mos def / I plan to visit the motherland / But today/ I'm at the tipping point / Of stacking these rubber bands / Do I graduate Cal State? / Or pimp baddies on Instagram / Either way before I hurt / I'll put a doubter in an ambulance

Chorus (1x)

I got the plug ni**a
I want to work with you

Repeat 3x

I want to work

Verse 3:
I see the hustle / Not here to throw shade / On how you cake / Living off the poor's ambition / Sum Cum Laude / Of the foul play / No admission / Schooled your sister / On how not to unhand me / For the nose candy / Damn g / Became Dexter / For second / Plotting ways to kill / Because you ain't manly / Stop saying fam / We ain't family / Not here to kick it / Like that / I'm not a wallaby / That's wallowing / I'm here to lead / Follow me?

Chorus (1x)

Verse 4 (Kaye Foxx):
Watching from a far / Seeing hustler's do their thing / My city's torn apart / From the foolishness in me


from ameriBLACKKK, released May 19, 2017
Beat by Sir Jon Lee [Johnny Dower Jr (BMI)]
written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)
Vocals by Kaye Fox
Horns By Ryck Jane
Engineered by Charles "Bass King" Glenn
Mixed By Charles "Bass King" Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)



all rights reserved


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