Who Stole The Soul?

from by F.Y.I.

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A song featured on "ameriBLACKKK" from F.Y.I.


"Who Stole The Soul?" lyrics from "ameriBLACKKK"

written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)

GOD - F.Y.I.
F.Y.I. - Yes, GOD
GOD - I have an assignment for you
F.Y.I. - Ok
GOD - Are you up to the challenge?
F.Y.I. - I got you
GOD - You're going to hear a lot of stories from the past to the present
F.Y.I. - Alright
GOD - But you the only man that I can help me find out, who stole the soul

Verse 1:
It's not a fluke that my name is Faruq / My heritage Arabic / Means knower of the truth / But in the 8th century I refuse / You either master or a servant / Rather steal kill and murder / Than die like my baba / A goat herder / Enslaving black bodies got me further / As far as I can see / They just beasts / In this land I called Zanj / My chaotic action / Took their peace / It was planned

Verse 2:
Could give a Allah damn / When n*ggers became barter / For years been eating / High on the hog / From they harvest / My hate swims in poisoned waters / For them black bulls / Eyeing my woman / Have they balls for souvenirs / Every single year / I pappy two mulattoes / They fix me supper in the house / I rape they mamie by the cabezo / Parnoid of revolt / I'll cut a pregnant n*gger's throat / In case she carrying the symbol of black hope

Verse 3:
Brothers and sisters / I'm in the struggle too / In the United Hate of America / What can a black leader do? / Raise a flag to the whites? / We bleeding with the red / Singing all the blues / Been castrated / Incarcerated / Highly sedated / It's '92 / Whole decade / Of crack babies / Felt the plague / Of AIDS / Gangsta Rap rage / Now I need your vote today / I feel your pain / But um keep me paid

Verse 4:
I won't deny your / Thirst for a black messiah / You drink up my celebrity / To keep your life interesting / On your head / Constantly / More than a widows peak / Selling shoes / Promoting Cars / My lifestyle's the centerpiece / I bring to the table / What the hood is not able / That's economic prowess / The revolution makes me coward/ For criers of freedom / My success is a pacifier / When they need one

Verse 5:
If they don't assume the position / I'll break their neck on the curb / I serve the state's interest / Protect blue brothers / To collect all of my pension / Love my wife / To f*ck my mistress / Three bodies / In two years / Over 17 suspensions / Never seen the court / That's why I'm called the force / Taxpayer endorsed / Blue code silence / Triple pay when it's riot / Even with a body cam / I'll still be the son of Sam

Verse 6:
Hey man / Hey bro / I like good vibes / I just wanna know / I'm a sunny Angeleno / Looking for the snow / Bought a gentrified house / Insanely low amount / Bi-sexual spouse / That my cool friends turn out / I'm less of a man / More like a mouse / Addicted to the trap / Turn up turn up / To the ounce / Riding on the wave / Till my soul is the grave

GOD - (laughter)
GOD - Now that you heard all these stories, and you been able to put it all together, tell me who stole the soul?


from ameriBLACKKK, released May 19, 2017
Beat by Sir Jon Lee [Johnny Dower Jr (BMI)]
written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)
Engineered by Charles "Bass King" Glenn
Mixed By Charles "Bass King" Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)



all rights reserved


F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is a self-described "hueman" on a mission to color the world one song, tweet, and video at a time. His music features groundbreaking beats which compliments the always outspoken and sometimes controversial emcee on new chapters in his journey through life and beyond! ... more

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