Boom (Real Ni​-​-​as Don't Die) [feat. Front Page] (album version)

from by F.Y.I.



A song from forthcoming album, "Herecember 20NOW" by F.Y.I.


"Boom (Ream Ni--as Don't Die)" lyrics from "Herecember 20NOW"

written by L. Marshall (Heat Lamp Music - ASCAP) and K. Dunkley II for Karl Anthony Dunkley II (BMI)


Adams and Crenshaw
Ni--as make moves
Mid-City live action
Better than pay per view
With the shits
Early with it
Before it hits the news
By the time the cameras roll
It's all boom boom boom boom

Verse 1:
You a skip and a jump from being a punk
Negligee away from being gay I see through you chump
Quit pissing sitting down on the toilet and man the f-ck up
Broke ni--as nag about they wallet no matter the time of the month
A homicidal rhyme recital fans ain't bleeding enough
More than imported vinyl to the Japanese "Ohayou"
I be knowing what's up I get draws off "Kon'nichiwa"
She down to smash even with the Kotex
Made her sign a waiver then she bounced seeing no checks
Built for these bars studio more like Bowflex
My jams on the radio haters feeling are insulted
Hard to read me your education was the culprit
Product of the crack era I can see your diagnosis
Fetal alcohol court involved mind dissolved from momma's dosage
I don't rest my case till the casket drops and they close it
Constipated attitude taking no sh-t

Chorus (repeat 1x)

Verse #2:

I understand mane you made a little stain in the game
I'm here to proclaim your spot's over
Drunk off success I'm barely sober
The balance between enlightened as the ayatollah
And rubbing on some concha while flying in a Porsche Lotus
My season year round where the crown for 20NOW
Swear to God ni--gas getting your hoodies on
Because like September prepare to fall
Bars raw enough to maul ya'll like pits in gallerias
Keep the game on it's tippy toes more than ballerinas
The culture's savior a walking Professor Xavier
Charged up more than X-Men making magazine freshmen
Sh-t on themselves old geezers I guess they were seniors
They words empty as the bogus POTUS and his Breitbart demons
Backwards crackers I'll be the hacker to get your alt-right deleted
The voice of voiceless undefeated

Chorus (repeat 1x)

Bridge (Reggae Chant)

DJ Scratches


from Boom [prod. by !LLMind), released October 5, 2018
Beat by iLLMind [Ramon Ibanga (ASCAP)/LittleTroubleBigChinaProductions(ASCAP)]
written by L. Marshall (Heat Lamp Music - ASCAP) and K. Dunkley II for Karl Anthony Dunkley II (BMI)
Vocals performed by Joelle Sahar & Front Page
Guitar By Ewen Willams
Scratches by DJ Harvey Dent on Boom (Real Ni--as Don't Die)
Engineered by Charles "Bass King" Glenn
Mixed By Charles "Bass King" Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)


all rights reserved



F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is an emcee from Los Angeles, CA. His music has went #1 on CMJ hip-hop charts at WPTSradio (Best College Radio Station by MTVu). His songs have been featured on sites like The Source, HipHopDX, and Respect Magazine. F.Y.I. has collaborated with Ab-Soul & Grammy Winning Producer,IZ Avila.Fans can find his music on Spotify,iTunes,& Pandora. ... more

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