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by F.Y.I.

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A song from EP, "F.Y.I. Invented Green" by F.Y.I.



Verse 1:
These are the moments that I waited my whole life for / Spit a breather / Wild as zebras / Gaining more stripes bro / Lying in the jungle / Get you lit up like a light bulb / With them bright ideas / Will have you dimmer the fugas from Ikea / I'm Cali approved / Internationally revered / So I get appalled when ya'll / Talk beastie / Diarrhea out the face cheeks / Your free speech is feces / I'm here to hush it / Bout to wipe Jacksons with my a** man / Just to flush it / Barbershop talk / Beating you in the head / And ain't trained in percussion / Listening to my cuts / See my b-tches / Feel the line-up / No Lebron James dames / Where's edge? /You is a whiner / Another pseudo celebrity / Semi-somebody / Standing next to the man / That's close to the man / With the plan / A f-ggot n-gga who's camp is all a--holes / You rap about money / With no cash flow

Chorus (1x)
Trust Me you lie about what you got
Damn it's disgusting
You run your mouth
See your a** in public fronting
Trust Me
I'm out here doing me
You's a groupie
Trust Me
More Legacy with celebrity
Trust Me
Look into my eyes
Realize I'm so serious
Trust Me
God forgive the sin
I'm a share my soul with in
Trust Me
Shook the world to it's core
Trust Me

Verse 2:
Now now / The barber said he cut / The dentist say she flossy / The contractor blowing deals / The hoeish skills costly / An Aussie went down under / A CEO from Sierra Leone / Gave her the mandingo / Burned his bridge / Is what she did / He rushing for the AK-47 / Pumped to shoot like (Andrei) Kirilenko / All about her paper / But she still work at Kinko's / She burnt like acrylic nails / Ruined by the kush roach / Dogging men / B*tch is mean / It's official / She had some wienerschnitzel / Fast food attitude / Her drive is through / Typical programmed by E-Channel / Idolize famous housewives / To Kimmy / All about the late night / F-ck around / With every Jay, Dave, and Jimmy / Trying to Papoose / The next star in the booth / She lost in the Remi / Drama queen acting / Worrying about M-E / Reality show slave / Tabloid pickinney

Chorus 1x

Verse 3:
Can't break down or destroy me / Boss up against situations / Till them struggles became my employees / It works in my favor / Shirts say "love haters" / Makes you a catchphrase / I'm past that stage / Varsity starting/ 8th annoying / I'm on 3 / Gone off the homies / Special medicina / That negro / Ginkgo biloba / Reminds me / You's a hoe cuz / Your work is minimal dog/ Them hands is soft / A tinkerbell sounding off / Spot a fairy / By his mannerisms / From the jump / I had a plan and vision I'm a man who's risen to sh-t ashes piss flames / An emcee more vivid than 3-D / Above levels that are plane / Off to better days / The perfect 25 hours / Won't catch me beat down like Ed Norton / Say I'm not dope / You snorting

Chorus 1x


released December 4, 2016
written by Lyndon "F.Y.I." Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP)

F​.​Y​.​I. INVENTED GREEN, track released August 19, 2016
Beat by DALE DANJA [Dale Maurice Griffin/Cheapskate Music (ASCAP)]

Engineered by Charles "Bass King" Glenn

Mixed By Charles "Bass King" Glenn @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Recorded @ King C's Music Studio (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)


all rights reserved



F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Mid-City Los Angeles, California. His music has went #1 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts. His songs have been featured on hip-hop sites like The Source, HipHopDX, and Okayplayer. He has performed at numerous music festivals like SXSW & A3C Hip-Hop Festival. He has collaborated with rap stars like Ab-Soul and Grammy Nominated producer, !LLMind. ... more

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