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Dopamine feat. Ab​-​Soul & Those Chosen (prod. by Dual Output)

by F.Y.I.

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A single from the forthcoming record, "Yo The Places You'll Go".

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I want to show you/How we do/Just to get you wired/We load'em up/Shoot'em up/Smoking'em Up/Who's dope as us?/We load'em up/Shoot'em up/Smoke'em up/We dope as fuck


F.Y.I. aka Foreshadow (Verse #1):

Welcome to major league big ball/Manute Bol/Too tall/Foolish n*ggas/Fool ya'll with Foosball/Saw'em dancing/Soft and cuddly/While I'm romancing/Beautiful flows/Against Foes/Often ugly/Grimey with it/Step out of tubs/And see patterns/Ears ring/Astonishing buzz/Keeps me on Saturn/Light Years/Ahead of these bars/So I'm a handle'em/We eat the weak/Tell these tortillas nias/It's a wrap/No pitiful penmanship/Lost souls stroll the globe/Searching for genesis/Get wisdom in an aged word/Far from a caged pterodactyl/I was meant to crack you in fly fedoras/Bright feathers/My life is Barnum Bailey crazy/Freaks with tight leathers want a spanking/I smack her dominant/And turn her ass dominatrix/Fiends asking Foreshadow can you help us?/We see your splash n*gga/Michael Phelp us

Chorus 2x

Ab-Soul (Verse #2):

You know how we do/Oversee you/Are we top dawgs or bald eagles?/Hiipower in your mouth/Shoelaces in your ass/Especially if you print my name without the dash/In between the b and the s/And I ain't taking no BS from no b-iatch/You know me man/The worst thing you can do is think you have a chance/That is unless you playing monopoly with your friends/Then I'd understand/As for this rap thing/You wouldn't kill a bowl of cereal/I'm the Son of Sam/I'm CRUCIAL/Who's dope as us?/We dope as fuck?/We stick'em up/Then we sprinkle sodium on open cuts/Ab-Soul and Those Chosen/You need to quit/Close colon/No shit/Wait/One Moment/Who's dope as us?/We dope as fuck/You running low on dopamine/You'll never be as dope as me....SOUL

Chorus 2x

KornBread (Verse #3):

Critically acclaimed/Soliloquies of flames/No pity for these lames/In the city of the gangs/Shush-bang!/Any opposers/Watching for the cobras/Keep'em on they toes/Like some corudroy crokers/Something like Jonas/In the belly of the beast/Told the homies that I'm on it/Put the own its on me/I'll never come back with empty hands/I bring heat/OT on a mission/Blowing grams of some keef/To my tribe I'm chief/They call me Cochise/On some Coolie High fly sh*t/But poppa don't preach/To these prima donnas/Battle ready/No kinks in armour/4 Finty popper/Goonie/Cyndi Lauper/Cause time after time/N*ggas want to test your kindness/So I'm coming for they pride/Leaving with they hyenas/Never look behind us/I live in foresight/Clairvoyant Amethyst/An uncut diamond

Chorus 2x

Japetto (Verse #4):

Developed an addiction for the lines that I wrote/Customers on every coast/O.D.'ing on every quote/Provide the right prescription/Supply and Demand/This high quality brand/Got fans waving they hands/The sound of my voice/Can take your lady friend paradise/Check the record/One track can change your life/From zombie to angels/Fitted caps to Kangols/We be the connect/Ya'll n*ggas chase rainbows/Fear the storm/Those Chosen beyond the norm/Beat junkies with a habit/Wack n*ggas been warned/See and feel the magic every time we go on/Craving/The vibe of the song is strong/You leaving spaced out like rocket/You hear the logic/We have substance/You get abused when we drop it/You want it we got it for whoever needs a fixed/Catch me after the flow/You know they move quick

Chorus 2 x


released November 24, 2012
produced by Dual Output
written by L. Marshall for Heat Lamp Music (ASCAP), S. Kershaw for Fruits of the Vine Music (ASCAP), M. Brown II for Black Seventy Seven Music (ASCAP), and Herbert Anthony Stevens IV
vocals by vgo d'artiste

performers in order of appearance - F.Y.I. aka Foreshadow, Ab-Soul, KornBread, and Japetto

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F.Y.I. Los Angeles, California

F.Y.I. is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Mid-City Los Angeles, California. His music has went #1 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts. His songs have been featured on hip-hop sites like The Source, HipHopDX, and Okayplayer. He has performed at numerous music festivals like SXSW & A3C Hip-Hop Festival. He has collaborated with rap stars like Ab-Soul and Grammy Nominated producer, !LLMind. ... more

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